Zhu Ting 21 super Hengda before a foreign aid data less Tianjin old women’s Volleyball Sports – Sohu-misao

Zhu Ting 21 super Hengda before a foreign aid data less Tianjin women old Sohu sports in Beijing on November 14th morning, 2016-2017 women’s volleyball Super League season soil to fight the fourth round, Keifer watts bank away in four sets (24-26 3-1, 25-8, 25-22, 25-11) to lead Sall Iyer. Among them, the world cup and Olympic double MVP Zhu Ting, with the end of the season for dunks 4 victory, the cumulative earned 21 points and won the scoring 16 points, surpassing Houston and the former Fujian Hengda foreign aid Fawcett (United States), but a success rate of 43% is inferior to the former Tianjin foreign aid Aneva (Bulgaria) 51%. The king received 21 crown 16 points ahead of Fawcett Zhu Ting through the third round against Ni Lui Phil truce after adjustment, the challenge and the road Sall Iyer won the first opportunity, and captain Gazd main striker partner, Holland. Sloate Jess and Serbia Rasic font partner first, while the United States is the main Hill coach GUI Guidetti frozen, in the limit the number of foreign aid on the premise next, only later replaced Sloate Jess to strengthen the defence. Across the net by Sall Iyer and former Fujian Hengda foreign aid Fawcett (USA) and Tianjin foreign aid Aneva (Bulgaria) in. Net export to highlight the strength of Zhu ting the audience a total of over 21 points, including 19 points from fourth at the end of spike score, bureau is staged even 4 points victory’s offensive success rate is 19, 28 buttons, 2 turnovers, 1 was stopped in 68%, the data in the other the attacker (including font fastball) first. Serbia is Rasic scored 18 points, the success rate is 53%; the United States when Fawcett scored 16 points but the smash success rate is only 34%, the main Bulgarian Aneva scored 11 points and the success rate fell to 22%. A success rate of 43% is A Neva Leo di 2 in order to maximize the network attack, Zhu Ting was the head coach GUI Guidetti arrangement playing in the No. four position in the first, three and second, four Bureau, bureau is adjusted to No. three start, change round stations and also affects the blocking position, but China heavy artillery or by excuse blocking ability to get 2 points. Although Zhu Ting Ping Chong didn’t score for Houston, and accompanied by 2 down, but the placement of the change or a broken attack effect, and the highest ace is the former Tianjin foreign aid Aneva scored 3 points. According to Keifer watt bank design rounds station, Zhu Ting is arranged in two main positions hit, need to take into account the heavy adjustment of tasks at the same time, Sall Iyer also became the main attack object service. Zhu Ting has a 23 total team receiving 60 times 38.33%, a success rate of 43% higher than that of the main diagonal Gazd 39% and free Erlanger 38%, but the rate fell to 9% place still needs the effort, while Gazd and Erlanger this data is stable at 33% and 31%, receiving the highest success rate is Aneva 51%. The first effect was dominant set of comeback stopped victory away to Sall Iyer watt Keifer bank known as the end of the war, and the league leaders and)相关的主题文章: