Zhoushan man holding a knife after 3 girls continued original drinking is to blame-candle june

Zhoushan man holding a knife after 3 girls continued: original drinking is to blame in late October 20th 6, Zhejiang University Junior Zhang and Dai Yu classmates intend to send home, three people starting from the school to walk to the Park Avenue, to take it on the bus. Fast to the bus stop, they seem to have found people walk out of the darkness beside the path, follow behind. A turn, turned out to be a shirtless man in the light, the hands of a shining knife particularly conspicuous. "Run quickly! He has a knife in his hand!" Xiao Zhang shouted while running forward, wearing a small depression and two people pulled to the opposite side of the road, the man rushed to the small zhang. Xiao Zhang: Kuo frighten head is not back hard to run forward, run about twenty or thirty meters, see a man no longer chase, Lu Xiaopao returned to school. A small depression and stopped at the roadside a bus, sit to the end point, and confirmed that Zhang has been safely to school by phone in the car, they immediately still suffering from the shock through the WeChat circle of friends and unlimited Zhoushan released the news, to remind the past people. 9 o’clock that night, Zhang came to the Metro Public Security Bureau report. Subsequently, Metro Police overnight launched an investigation, on one hand the organization of police on the Metro Avenue area investigation, repeatedly view on the way to monitor on the other hand, according to the clues to the suspects should be settled in the Huimin Bridge Chen Jianlu area. The next evening, the police once again visit the village investigation. "Yesterday, the family and his wife quarrel, quarrel is especially fierce, knives are out." A villager talked about it in a small talk. Police immediately after hearing the situation. The guy seems to be Henan, about 30 years old, with his wife lived in the house." The villagers told police: "nice guy on weekdays, is love to drink, and drink to drink, and his wife often quarrel." According to the villagers, physical characteristics and Zhang the guy last night the men are very similar. 6 o’clock that night, the man was arrested in the rental room. Man surnamed Zheng, 28 years old, Henan, Yongcheng, weekdays like drinking, but also often quarrel with his wife for this matter. It is understood that 4 o’clock that night, Zheng go back home, with his wife a few noisy mouth, depressed he bought three bags of wine in the house for a drink and get drunk. What one sees is the gas is not one to play up on Zheng up. Jiujin, Jeong and his wife pinch up, and brought the knife to scare her. He shouted to the next Gengmou brother for help, Gengmou heard took Jeong, grabbed the knife, and Jeong severely scolded. He worried about her husband still wine to be noisy, they took the opportunity to escape from the rental housing, while other thought Zheng recovered back. So Gengmou left, Zheng found that his wife is not in the room, he picked up the knife from chasing out. At this time, happened to Xiao Zhang and her two classmates. Zhang saw bare upper body with a knife in the hands of Jeong, scared to run up. And in the back of the Zheng as a result of drinking too much wine, mistakenly thought he was running in his wife, he went to Xiao zhang. Because drinking, and wearing slippers, did not run a dozen meters, slippers and ran away, Zheng did not catch up,.相关的主题文章: