Zhongshan port of Guangdong to deal with the first departure from the abnormal radioactive cargo inc-candy candy

Guangdong Zhongshan port handling the first outbound goods radioactive abnormal events – Sohu news news agency in Zhongshan in September 22,   (Deng Yuanwen Chen Yanru) Guangdong Zhongshan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau 22, the Bureau of external communications, the checks of a number of export goods found radioactive anomaly, immediately launched an emergency plan, proper disposal. It is the first time in Zhongshan port cargo handling radioactive anomalies in the incident. It is understood that the batch of goods exported to Indonesia grinding wheel, a total of 1290 cases, weighing 21 tons. Site inspection by the Bureau of personnel found that the dose of gamma ray dose equivalent rate of 2.6 times the local environmental radiation background value. Zhongshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the isolation of its stack, put radioactive danger signs to prevent unrelated personnel close, and do a good job of security measures, the impact of the risk control in the minimum range. At present, the Council has been informed of the incident to the local environmental protection department. The data show that the main raw materials of the grinding wheel are brown corundum, phenolic resin, potassium sulfate and pigment. Brown corundum, also known as corundum, the main chemical composition of alumina, because of its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength and other characteristics are often used in the manufacture of refractory materials, such as abrasives or abrasive wheels. Natural radionuclides, such as thorium, uranium, and so on, widely exist in the earth’s crust, and therefore often with trace amounts of radioactive minerals. Zhongshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau found in the subsequent investigation, the wheel production enterprises in the purchase of raw materials, only requires the supplier to provide the test report according to the industry standard, there is no concept of radiation, therefore does not require suppliers to provide test report of radioactivity. Zhongshan inspection and quarantine requirements of the enterprises involved: immediately added radioactive protective measures in the production process, real-time monitoring of radioactive indicators, regularly carry out employee health examination; improve the tracking system, find out the stock of the batch of raw material suppliers, enterprises and the batch production of products; in order to avoid the export of the goods after being returned by overseas loss of enterprise configuration testing equipment, strengthen the radioactive detection of raw materials, and make supplier radioactive detection report.相关的主题文章: