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"Zhi" is magic contradictions Qingyun   fanyao staged love child heart (Photos) – Guizhou channel, people.com.cn starring Li Yifeng costume drama "Xian Xia Zhi" is hit in qingyun. Baguio lost memory, not only two people will forget all the past sweet, Xiaofan regarded as enemies of child heart drama audience distressed. Between two people continue to cut love watch the girl heart, but it’s cruel magic and people lament, emotional development touches the hearts of the audience. Any type deep silent guard behind pay adorable Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio along the way several times or, early fate entangled together, Zhang Xiaofan has been quietly in its own way around baguio. In the face of "sovereign step by step, Zhang Xiaofan does not want in Baguio between relatives and lovers. The cruel left down alone; in front of your door, even risking punishment to protect his legacy is Baguio, but in front of her nevereven; see amnesia, Baguio, is her sad let her forget yourself, a person facing the changed situation, don’t give up, to look people heartache. Zhang Xiaofan feeling awkward deep, he was thinking of all the things in Baguio, but ignore their own to bear the pain, such as the beloved person if Gan jelly character so that the audience shouted. (Zhu Xiaohui, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing) personality differences cited conflict fanyao child heart is when the magic show will be staged in the position where the two people immersed in love, Yao feelings also will face great challenges. Baguio dare to love and hate, love can fling caution to the winds; Xiaofan emotion Shigeyoshi, although the value of all people in the world are Baguio deep love, his friendship is a moment not to forget. This character is different, indicates that two people’s feelings will be striking one snag after another. With the constant deepening of the contradiction between the devil, two people in different positions will face great pressure from the people around. This child heart of the story so that users have also said the stand, "amnesia is really crit, the next story I’m afraid my heart can not stand, where Yao is really always deep, but shallow". Fanyao couples first sweet child emotional experience, so many viewers lamented the good times of the past, contrast dilemma now more emotional development for two people worried. With the subsequent broadcast of the story, the character difference between the two will also become more apparent, child love will also let the audience tangled tangled. (commissioning editor Zhu Xiaohui and Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: