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Zhejiang Yuhang to build a strong power grid "moat" – energy – Zhejiang Hangzhou city Yuhang District people.com.cn power supply staff is 220 thousand volt transmission line construction. Photos from Yuhang East, north, West three surround the main city of Hangzhou, speaking as Hangzhou periphery from the regional moat ". Since this year, as the "nanny", Yuhang district electric power company all the staff ZHANGAO and people’s livelihood, and strive to build a strong power grid "moat". To speed up the construction of power grid, no worries in 1 and July, Yuhang’s total electricity consumption 4 billion 536 million kwh, an increase of 8.13%, July 27th, Yuhang power grid peak load reached 1 million 901 thousand kilowatts, a record high. In the face of the challenges of high temperature and high load this summer, Yuhang power grid running smoothly, the region did not appear tense situation. This is closely related to the completion of a series of power grid renovation projects. July 11th, a total of 220 thousand kV Substation in Western Yuhang, the successful transformation of the project put into operation. The engineering power cutover process is complex, the construction time is short, through the joint efforts of all participating units, to complete the quality and quantity of production. Prior to this, Linping Metro 110 thousand volt substation electricity cutting work completed, the metro area’s first intelligent substation officially put into operation. The project originally planned for completion in October put into operation, as before the summer peak time can play a role in Yuhang power supply company to overcome the unfavorable factors such as the construction of the rainy season, the project 4 months ahead of schedule successfully put into operation, not only effectively alleviate the supply bottlenecks in Linping block Yingfengduoxia, also provides reliable power protection for the September unigarden town successfully the park opened. As of now, Yuhang power grid 35 thousand volts and above with the localization and the construction of 6 projects, total new 35 thousand kV and above substation capacity of 99 KVA substation capacity, production has more than last year this year, strong power grid is completed. To eliminate the "spider grid", the beautiful dress in Yuhang recently, Qiaosi Street harmony village, 11 electric power company workers in Yuhang district head of the hot sun, perspiration comes down like raindrops on the standard reconstruction, illegal power line. "The road poles removed, the environment becomes better, the door of the road more smooth!" Sitting on the doorstep of the cool uncle Shen Fangen said. Into the environment to enhance the remediation phase, how to reasonably plan the new line is critical." Qiaosi power supply service station Chen Songgao said, "illegal work after the end of the wire rod, left left out of order, many hidden in the house of the poles, the meter box safety distance is not enough, seriously affect the residents travel and electrical safety". Even Japan, so Chen Songgao traveled to Qiaosi street every village. Triangle village power construction site, the person in charge of the construction of Zhang Jiansong is carefully check each construction site construction technology. As Qiaosi locals, Zhang Jiansong actively respond to the government’s call to dismantle their illegally built houses for example. In order to high standards and high quality to complete the comprehensive improvement of the environment supporting power engineering, Yuhang power company staff stay up route design, re planning of those in the middle of the road, residents of the building to affect the overall planning line transformer)相关的主题文章: