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Zhao Shilin: second times the spirit of Chinese civilization breakthrough [Abstract] 54 new culture movement with hitherto unknown height exceeded second times in order to realize the spirit of Chinese civilization, it draw second times put up a pageantry spiritual breakthrough western science and democracy thought from the fruit. Author: Zhao Shilin, Professor of philosophy and religion, Minzu University of China, the second spiritual breakthrough in the western society occurred from 13 to eighteenth Century. Coincidentally, the second spiritual breakthrough of Chinese civilization also occurred in 15 to seventeenth Century, which is the middle period of Ming Dynasty to the late Ming Dynasty, some overlap in the second time and the breakthrough of Western spirit. But there is no evidence that the second spirit Chinese breakthrough by Western influence, the development history of the so-called law say it is difficult to explain this phase coincidence, a reasonable guess is only human common internal demand. If the first spiritual breakthrough of Chinese civilization from the religious consciousness to the humanistic spirit of the breakthrough on patriarchal agricultural society as the social basis, the formation of the ethics center of the traditional culture, so the second spiritual breakthrough is from moral personality to human nature to breakthrough, city merchants as the social foundation, formed a secular value the rights of the individual concerned. Orange part is the "historical atlas" Chinese depicted in the Ming Dynasty the largest territory as mentioned before, the first time the spirit of Chinese civilization breakthrough by Confucius, Lao Tzu and Mo-tse as the representative of the pre Qin, then second times to spiritual breakthrough thinkers such as Wang Shouren, Li Zhi, He Xinyin, Huang Zongxi and Chen Que as the representative of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Wang Shouren is his mind Daru, Confucian ethics will be pushed to the extreme, his political and military achievements is sufficient when "outside" the reputation of his thoughts, purpose and value as is beyond all doubt Ethics Center to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Confucius established in the first breakthrough in meaning, but his heart is the only source of ethical value but for the publicity of the natural theory of human nature provides a logical possibility. Because of the so-called "heart", no matter how to emphasize its ethical nature, spiritual attributes, the sum of the emotional sensibility of human nature is the flesh and blood of the body has a constant internal connection. When it becomes the only source of ethical value, it means that the only source of value lies in nature. Wang Shouren will explain the nature of the heart into the heart of morality at the same time, it opens up space for moral heart into the heart of nature, ethics is a psychological conversion that psychological ethics, so as to the middle period of Ming Dynasty "heresy" thinker Li Zhi He Xinyin, the first time out of the deviant, Confucian spirit through ideological tradition and value formation standard, provide philosophy foundation. From a certain point of view, Wang Shouren’s role is quite similar to the leader of the Western religious reform, ·, Martin, luther. Martin · Luther is a Christian, but his religious thought provides space for reform but Western secular society is the rise of Wang Shouren Daru, but his mind is a subversion of the Cheng Zhu transformation China secular society provides support consciousness. Wang Shouren, a young word cloud, who had built room to Bo an, Shanyang Ji Ming, call himself the son of Yang ming. The Ming Dynasty thinkers, strategist, psychology synthesizer. The second spiritual breakthrough point of view, for the traditional ethical personality of natural human nature. Direct attack "become a thinker.相关的主题文章: