Zhang Ziyi long pure figure is so good, no wonder Wang Feng so hurt her!-doat

Zhang Ziyi long pure figure is so good, no wonder Wang Feng so hurt her! Zhang Ziyi is a big star in Chinese, in the world also have a world of their own. Compared to other beautiful actresses, such as Fan Bingbing, Lin Chiling, Zhang Ziyi looks pure and clean, but very classic, known as Guo Jizhang. Zhang Ziyi is tall, following thoracic legs, wearing a golden Tulle bag hip skirt, and take the fashion with packet, high-heeled shoes, elegant and dignified! Feminine volume hair, with flames of fiery red lips, the makeup is very sexy, figure out Zhang Ziyi wearing a deep V collar black dress so charming. Put on a lady’s hollow white skirt, black and white temperament high-heeled shoes, Zhang Ziyi immediately transformed into a refined and cultured wife, lady Fan Shizu temperament. The dream of transparent lace printed white skirt is Zhang Ziyi’s favorite, with a certain height advantage of the Zhang Ziyi, wearing this kind of dream dress, as if the painting in the fairy, very dreamy, very perfect. At the Toronto Film Festival, Zhang Ziyi is still a very delicate woman’s dress, dress, neat hair, all these show passion and affection on the career of Zhang Ziyi. Zhang Ziyi is a very attractive woman, sexy black dress on the fashion of a small shawl, and even a meeting will dress up elegant and elegant, sexy but not exposed, which is brought about by the international van Zhang Ziyi. In addition to sexy and elegant, Zhang Ziyi will have a small woman’s side, playful small black wool dress, still charming hair, sweet smile, really is to beautify the heart.相关的主题文章: