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Zhang Xiaolu: Wu Lei’s "wild" there is nothing wrong with the country foot war immediately, Wu Lei said because of disaster, evaluation of Lippi saying "because of his technical and tactical requirements and guidance before Xu took us much time……" Numerous football Chinese slobber, the level is low, but the fans taste obvious to people. "Too low" EQ "favoritism teacher of the class would not have praised" arrangement, online yesterday suddenly appeared a masterpiece "Wu Lei said his mentor Lippi black. The friends:" this really low EQ wind attack climax…… Read one sentence: "Xu Genbao for Chinese football contribution is self-evident, once the disciples praise about their mentor nature is not wrong, but the training methods of Italy coach and his young in the job training method as the same, this is some defect." It sounds polite and "objective", but not by asking the media friends, do you know the young in job training method "is what? Have you seen it with your eyes? I feel shy, not only seen, heard and experienced, not once but two times, but for 16 years! So I say Wu Lei this sentence is no problem, the answer to this question is: "Wu Lei has been given emphasis on attack collusion, movement and coordination between us; defense is oppressive defense" this sentence is estimated that few people read, can read but fully understand. I’ll put it reduced to 10 words "attack ground transmission, defensive force, as everyone knows, this is around 16 years of efforts in Chongming Genbao Gonggeng six character principle, the reason why I have a few more words (note that this is Xu Genbao’s explanation, not my own invention), because of concerns about the friends in the media and he quoted the so-called fans do not understand, cannot read. You Genbao Niubi, how China can not enter the world cup? Yes, but don’t change the concept! Lippi’s tactics from the practice of his mature, may just "Genbao direction", but in any case, no one China fans or journalists have the qualifications to belittle, insult, questioned this effort, because you can only export Hi, 72 year old treasure at the grindstone! He knows that China’s football behind, so he can take millions of annual salary in 2000 suddenly leave the professional stage to engage in youth training. He knows that the gap between himself and Lippi may never be able to catch up, but that doesn’t affect him on the right path! At the age of 72 with a bunch of kids to go to Spain to sell the Hong Kong tour, the income to buy Spanish club to develop China stars of the future…… Which point out to see him or his apprentice, self satisfied himself pleased with oneself, the equivalent of the Lippi of Italy? Wu Lei is not too "wild", around 2010, which is followed by the "Olympic fight over", have a 19 years old Wu Lei finally ushered in the peak of his rebellious time, Wu Lei break away from the base period a bit longer, in the face of the temptation of the outside some more, some complain that life began to close the base and he sent a blog on the Internet, emotional…… It was exactly what things in exchange with Genbao he mentioned recently, outside of some Wu Lei reflect, I hesitate again)相关的主题文章: