Zhang Tianai talk about the famous before the bitterness of had voted 50 resumes without a re-yo te amo

Zhang Tianai on the famous   ala; had voted 50 resumes gains good record without a reply — Hunan channel — people.com.cn actress Zhang Tianai Zhang Tianai stills Zhang Tianai big screen debut, alongside Deng Chao, Yang Yang starred in "passing from your world" box office nearly 700 million of its fresh and natural deduction is subject to the professional recognition and harvest age audience. Recently, Zhang Tianai in an interview with the media, the first in-depth chatted about the topic of fame, secret stage bright behind the difficult experience, it is revealed that he voted 50 resumes without a reply, difficult job history caused by workplace resonance. "The whole world" is the first big screen work, as the love and strive for a single chicken. With respect to the role of the crew and to respect people, Zhang Tianai in the shooting with harsh attitude demands on themselves, in order not to delay the schedule with the cast, with a cold to Daocheng, suffered a severe high back, heart rate too fast, face and lips was purple and was admitted to the hospital, but insisted on holding do not fall, she was naughty laugh myself laughing, feeling empty". Zhang Tian’ai also spoke in his day, had to get a walk on role, and a month to run the more than and 50 crew, personally sent 50 copies of your resume, but no reply. To work for the state of life, Zhang Tianai said, I did not feel bitter ah, there is a good shot, the script is good, do not want to give up. Think of the plot, want to picture, this is my life." (Chen Qinxing, handsome commissioning editor: Ronaldo)相关的主题文章: