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Zhang Haidi: to promote the establishment of China rehabilitation University accelerate the training of professionals – deputy director of Beijing Beijing in August 31, the State Council Working Committee China disabled CDPF chairman Zhang Haidi pointed out today, "13th Five-Year" period, will promote the establishment of China rehabilitation University, accelerate rehabilitation professional training, let more people with an early rehabilitation service, improve the quality of life. 31, the State Council Information Office held a press conference to introduce the development cause of "disabled China 12th Five-Year", "interpretation of" 13th Five-Year "accelerate the disabled well-off process plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline"), and a reporter asked. Zhang Haidi said, first, the outline of the concept of the development of the people as the center, and actively promote equality, participation and sharing of the disabled. The "Outline" clearly pointed out that "the disabled is a comprehensive well-off society is also the beneficiaries, participants and builders of important requirements, help the disabled and the people sharing a comprehensive well-off society, to create a more happy wonderfull life. This will bring inspiration and hope to thousands of people with disabilities and their families. Second, the outline highlights the implementation of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation for the disabled employment. This is an important event to speed up the process of well-off people with disabilities. China still has a considerable number of rural poor people with disabilities, nearly 2 million disabled people living in cities is also very difficult. Therefore, the "Outline" clearly requires rural poor people with disabilities as a key target of poverty alleviation, classified policy, precise helping them as soon as possible, to ensure a better life, and gradually establish a basic welfare system of disabled people, raise the level of social security for disabled, disabled people, especially poor people with disabilities, a little more of a guarantee warm. Zhang Haidi pointed out that promoting the employment of disabled people is the fundamental way to achieve well-off. Employment of disabled people has been a problem. It is not only a big problem in China, but also a difficult task for the disabled in the world. "Compendium" put forward to further improve the policies and measures to support the employment of the disabled, disabled people improve occupation skills, various forms and channels to promote the employment of disabled persons business, using the Internet and other modern technology to expand the scope of employment of persons with disabilities, to allow more people with disabilities to achieve self-reliance, realize the ideal, to live a life of dignity. Third, the outline clearly requires to enhance the level of public services for the disabled, which is a strong support for the process of speeding up the process of people with disabilities. "Outline" requires the full rehabilitation of disabled persons, education, care and support, cultural and sports and accessibility of public services, the establishment of service standards, to service, the premise is to establish a good service standards. The establishment of large data services for persons with disabilities, has begun. We will accelerate the development of the cause of charity for the disabled and the service industry, so as to enable the disabled to get better and more convenient public services. Zhang Haidi stressed that rehabilitation is the top priority of public services for the disabled. Rehabilitation is the reconstruction of life, is the most urgent needs of people with disabilities. One day after the recovery, life will be more than a little hope. In particular, children with disabilities, but also the need for rescue rehabilitation. These five provinces and municipalities have established a rehabilitation center, but the lack of rehabilitation personnel. "13th Five-Year".相关的主题文章: