Zero distance feeling the vitality of V network for double red city of Chengdu-sorpack

Zero distance feeling the vitality of V network for double red city of Chengdu zero distance to feel the vitality of V network for double red city of Chengdu "hit" has become the new engine China upgrade the quality and efficiency of economic. In Chengdu, innovation and entrepreneurship has become liaoyuanzhishi. "Business city dream" is what kind of? Chengdu Internet Culture Association joint Sina, Sina micro-blog, launched the "city of Chengdu for twelve double" activities, called ten V, red net composed of "seeking City Tour", will arrive in Chengdu quality double park and enterprise in September 20th, 21, zero distance feeling and vitality of Chengdu thermal management. V net red multi dimension interpretation of Chengdu double the "double Chengdu" activities, are looking for "Twelve city" activities of the third station, the first station is focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Chengdu gathered for the double work of "seeking City Tour" lineup. There is a well-known V expert: senior media person, well-known financial columnist Shi Shusi, investors, shareholders occupation male god Ning, long-term commitment to research regional economic and industrial city planning of the well-known financial commentator Wu Qilun, had far-reaching response on behalf of the contemporary society and Wenhui News history. Southwest senior guests: downstairs shop business platform founder, business mentor Wu Yuechuan, concerned about the long-term development of technological innovation, cultural and creative fields and investment together with the world to raise public space to deputy general manager Li Xin. There are red: micro-blog’s annual electricity supplier network reds, southwest red hatching first person Huang Bo, riding a bicycle around the world in 36 in Chengdu 80 Li Rui, reds owner, Internet marketing expert Cai Hong vision, southwest live video e-commerce pioneer Chen Lei. "Seeking City Tour" has been assembled, they will start from 20 zero distance contact Chengdu quality management and park enterprises, a variety of micro-blog, broadcast and other new media tools, the interpretation of Chengdu management from multiple dimensions. V experts, and they hit off the red net, and Chengdu will be hit on behalf of a double depth salon, find Chengdu double advantage, to provide business tips and Cheats for creating Chengdu. With these tips and cheats, you are in Chengdu is likely to achieve your oh. Chengdu ocean dish originally so cool technology V network have come to see what the red? Chengdu is solidly prepared two days of the feast. The planning of the Chengdu Museum, Chengdu double panoramic map display, the museum can clearly see a nuclear – Planning and blueprint for Tianfu Chengdu development in the core. Even more cool is that you can also use the roaming digital Chengdu system in the museum, the Chengdu center city planning three-dimensional query. A number of technology enterprises in Chengdu have come up with special skills, provide in-flight entertainment system service cloud Hui technology allows you to experience the trick in the cloud future for many airlines, and showed the UAV technology industrial grade, the science and technology to tell you 3D you want to print only to not play out. More powerful to become a network of red is transported to science and technology, as rail transit vehicle detection and control equipment suppliers, in their showroom can experience a sense of harmony when the driver Oh, not too cool. The trip is the last stop of Chengdu Jing Town, as the country.相关的主题文章: