Yunnan pomegranate fresh up into the golden age universal electricity + freight with farmers to get

Yunnan pomegranate fresh up into the "golden age" universal electricity + freight with farmers to get rich road – Beijing Beijing in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in August 29, (Long Wenchi) reporters today to participate in the 2016 "Mengzi pomegranate fresh up the world seminar was informed that the Mengzi pomegranate after more than 20 years of development, now has grown pomegranate 125 thousand acres, the annual output of about 300 thousand tons, the output value of nearly 500 million yuan. Now, Mengzi pomegranate through a combination of business platform and SF express transport of agricultural products, the Mengzi pomegranate market is more and more widely, for farmers to develop new road to riches. The Tropic of cancer runs through the city of Yunnan, a prefecture of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in southeastern Mengzi province. The superior geographical location and climatic conditions have bred the rich local products. Pomegranate has become a symbol industry in Mengzi plateau characteristic industry, and also one of the main producing areas of pomegranate in china. In recent years, all walks of life in Mengzi, the use of e-commerce new sales model, the pomegranate brand in Mengzi has played a positive role in promoting. But the high transportation cost and the lack of transportation quality restrict the sale of pomegranate in Mengzi. Today, the city of Mengzi in cooperation with relevant transport enterprises, to solve the farmer’s fruit freshness and menace from the rear, the quality of transportation security, the Mengzi pomegranate has preconditions to the country and even to the overseas market, also make pomegranates for the local people to become rich "golden fruit". Red Town Village in Xin’an is a small village in the suburbs of Mengzi, and also the main production area of pomegranate planting. The surrounding villages are full of pomegranate trees, and most of the residential buildings are European style decoration. Xin’an villagers Zhang Yingfu ten years ago to live in a small room, now live in new houses, 10 acres of let him a year net income of 40 thousand yuan. For the future development of Mengzi pomegranate, Mengzi municipal government party members Zhang Ruihua told reporters: "to expand sales channels, let Mengzi pomegranate have a more broad prospects, the next step we are going to continue to improve the quality of fruit, let Mengzi fresh pomegranate as universal no resistance, capturing thousands of fans." (end)

云南石榴鲜达四海成“金果” 电商+货运带起农户致富路-中新网   中新网红河哈尼族彝族自治州8月29日电 (龙文驰)记者今日参加2016“蒙自石榴鲜达四海”推介会获悉,蒙自石榴经过二十多年的发展,现已有石榴种植地12.5万亩,年产量约30万吨,产值近5亿元。现在,蒙自石榴通过电商平台及顺丰快递运输农特产品的结合,使蒙自石榴的销路更为广阔,为农民开拓了新的致富道路。   属于云南省东南部的红河哈尼族彝族自治州的蒙自市,北回归线从中穿过。优越的地理区位和气候条件孕育了当地丰饶的物产。石榴更是因此成为了蒙自高原特色产业中的标志性产业,也是全国石榴的主产区之一。   近年来,蒙自市社会各界运用电商化的新型销售模式,对蒙自石榴品牌的起到了积极推动作用。但过高的运输成本及运输质量缺乏保障,制约了蒙自石榴的销路。如今,蒙自市与相关运输货运企业合作,解决了农民的后顾之忧,水果鲜度和运输质量的保障,使蒙自石榴具备了走向全国甚至走向海外市场的先决条件,也使石榴成为当地人致富的“金果子”。   新安所镇小红寨村是蒙自市郊的一个小村镇,也是当地石榴种植的主产区,村子周边种满石榴树,民居建筑多为欧式装修。新安所村民张应赋十年前还住在小土房里,现在了住上了新房,10亩的让他一年有了4万元的净收入。   对于蒙自石榴未来的发展,蒙自市政府党组成员张瑞华向记者表示:“销售渠道的拓宽,让蒙自的石榴有了更广阔的前景,下一步我们打算继续提升水果的品质,让蒙自石榴鲜达四海无阻,俘获粉丝千万。”(完)相关的主题文章: