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Yuho drivers receive money net customer service phone has cheated 50 thousand Guangzhou daily news (reporter Duan Chenqun) "I did almost 1 months, until now has not received the fare, I play excellent step of customer service calls, but provides two official customer service telephone hotlines, find yourself a good step in the customer service phone on the Internet, the results fall into the trap, in accordance with the other guidelines on ATM activation of my bank card, cheated 50 thousand yuan". Recently, the Guangzhou daily net received about the car Master Sun rebellion, said he was in October this year and registered as a net platform step about car drivers, because almost a month has not received the fare, call the customer service phone is excellent step, the last being cheated. The reporter to call the best step to provide two customer service phone, as of yesterday still unable to get through, why the two official customer service calls are not up, the company did not give a good step clear reply. Master Sun had been done in Shenzhen by network about cars, in October 3rd this year, he registered excellent step network about cars, to October 23rd, has not received the fare, "around October 24th, I call the yuho driver end customer service call, a 400 at the beginning, and a fixed telephone area code 0411, but the two make a phone call." In October 26th, Master Sun online search, see an excellent introduction step of online content, but also left a phone service headquarters, then master sun according to this number the past, dial, "the telephone bell is inside each other," this is a good step on the number of customer service calls, "I I believe this is excellent step customer service phone, so he did not receive the fare said again". The other teacher said the sun has been checked, is the master of the sun bank card is not activated, to master sun to activate the ATM machine. In accordance with the guidelines of the other, sun master bank card 50 thousand yuan cheated. For why the driver has not received the relevant personnel and the company’s fare, told reporters yesterday, because the master’s identity card and bank card name is inconsistent, resulting in the payment is not activated. As for the way to use the Internet to find the way it is a fraud phone, sun Master said he dialed several times the best step of the official customer service phone, has been unable to get through, and finally will choose the way online search. For the customer service call, yuho company official said, when the driver may dial the call volume is relatively large, but the reporter to call the situation, the two official customer service phone is not connected to all state. Reporters learned that after the merger in pieces with excellent step Chinese, excellent step provides the customer service phone becomes more and more difficult to play, until not, there are a lot of drivers reflect something impossible to find excellent step to solve the problem of customer service. It is reported that the sun has been the master of the alarm, and excellent step company has also been linked to sun master in the positive solution to the problem. There are information security experts told reporters that the current appeared on the Internet there are criminals posing as other manufacturers after sales calls, defrauding the user’s money. In this regard, anti fraud experts Pei Zhiyong remind everyone, any claim to operate on the ATM machine business, are likely to be online fraud, must be vigilant. Because the ATM machine only take cash, query, pay.相关的主题文章: