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Yueyang 12 thousand parents disappear line son play Mobile Games spend original title: bear children 55 days stolen brush 12 thousand yuan recharge before the date of Mobile Games who lives in Miluo, Bi Shi Zhen Li Jia Duan area Chen, a strange thing happened, the bank card in hand, the inside of the 12000 Yu Yuanqian has vanished. After the alarm to know that the money was actually playing mobile phone games when his son spent the recharge. Daily economic news reporter learned that, around the bear children playing games with parents mobile phone, a lot of money to recharge the event occurred frequently. The money can be recovered? Children addicted to the game, parents should do? The case: bear children addicted to Mobile Games spend my mom 12 thousand at noon on October 30th, Ms. Chen to the town of postal bank to withdraw money, the ATM screen shows the lack of balance". The card will obviously have money, how to balance the problem? Ms. Chen immediately at the counter flow print list, suddenly let her silly eye, records show: from August 28, 2016 to October 22nd, a total of 30 consumer records show, the amount from 15 to 1500 yuan, a total consumption of 12757 yuan. 3 pm, Ms. Chen Li Jia Duan with questions to the police station, said the bank card stolen money. The police on duty asked that, Ms. Chen’s mobile phone is often the 14 year old son Miao Zhou (a pseudonym) with playing games. Ms. Chen has a mobile phone called the world OL mobile phone network games, game account passwords are kept on the game. Police found the game in the game where the cumulative recharge account records, amounting to 8857 yuan. Originally, the father of Miao Moumou long-term overseas workers, Ms. Chen to work during the day, the child often stays at home alone. Miao Zhou summer crush on Mobile Games. Once a week, Bartholomew payment using a mobile phone in Ms. Chen saw the payment password, then began to use mobile phone pay to buy the game props, charge membership. The bank card transaction message, has been quietly removed Zhou mou. Lawyer: parents should keep the bank card payment password bear children don’t indulge in the game, two months spent 12757 yuan, Ms. Chen Miluo can get back the money? The legal adviser, said the wave, the game limit recharge, there is no legal constraints and supervision departments. According to the law, minors under the age of 10 is no capacity for civil conduct, 10-18 years for the limited capacity, such as the two groups independently completed the large consumer contract, the legal guardian has the right to revoke the contract within a year. The student in Miluo 30 times the recharge of more than 1.2 yuan, each average of about $400, does not belong to a large amount of cash expenditures." Yuan wave lawyer, more importantly, the case of the young to see the mother’s bank card payment password, do not belong to the error caused by the operation of the game. Yuan wave believes that the main responsibility for this thing in Ms Chan, is her own cell phone and bank card password management caused by improper. Psychological experts: parents take their children to participate in social practice in every home, put a bag, the job is not to write on the first hand, looking for grandpa and grandma to mobile phone to play the game, not to start crying, to the mobile phone, the world is at peace." After 80 mom相关的主题文章: