Yubei Jiangbei to suddenly cut off the Slacker group out of shampoo-winavi video converter

Yubei Jiangbei to suddenly cut off the Slacker tour out at noon on November 26th after shampoo, many living in the five store, Yubei Jiangbei Xinpaifang area and Wong pounds people found the house suddenly without water. Because it is lunch time, water has caused no small impact on everyone’s life or. Lunch with pure water Wang, who lives in California, was home to cook the water. However, Ms. Wang seems to affect the life is not large, she switched to the pure water dispenser, to meet the needs of cooking. "However, the bowl after dinner, can only be washed later." In the way Jiazhou Street restaurants, sudden water accidents caused a lot of influence. A noodle shop told the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporters, they usually cooking water to continue to pan Riga, but because the water because of the number of times they reduce a lot of water. "We usually have the habit of storing water, but if the water has been sustained, certainly have an impact on the business." "Lazy" group to shampoo in the vicinity of California city garden, a barber shop business is much better than before. Since the weekend, plus the weather is fine, a lot of "lazy boy" went to the noon. "There weren’t so many people before." The barber shop staff said, many people have said that due to the home without water, it went to the barber shop shampoo, especially men are. "No way home without water washing." Xiao Li said to the barber shop shampoo, shampoo in the barber shop is also on the way to wash the face, then go out to eat a meal, take advantage of the fine weather to go out to play a circle. The water area has been gradually restore the water supply according to the Chongqing water service center announced the official website of the Department of water and power failure Liangtuo water burst, cause Liangtuo regional water supply water or undervoltage (area: five in Jiangbei District, shop area, Wong pounds area) is to organize relevant units, emergency repair. 3 pm, the water area has been gradually restore the water supply. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Wang Zihan相关的主题文章: