Young from the wind to the peak of the Swiss capital science and technology group to recruit

Youth ranging from wind to | forright Capital Technology Group officially closed – winter intern recruitment technology Sohu thankful — from the same young Feng Xiaorui the forright FREES FUND (capital being dubbed the "peak list of God") winter internship plan has been officially closed today. We received more than 200 letters from all over the world famous universities resume, including Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Yale University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University and so on. We have carefully read your letter and resume on the basis of intention and personal candidates to related investment colleagues. They will carefully read carefully screened, and through e-mail or WeChat way to contact the small partner of the finalists interview. Because we recognize and strive for the best talent, some of the corresponding direction of the peak of the family of high-quality companies may contact you. The peak God plan will be officially launched in December 15th, the successful list of 8 small partners will be in the office of Beijing Rui Feng began more than a month internship. We will conduct a series of investment, enterprise development and entrepreneurship, theme related training, will also invite our portfolio companies to share business ideas, look forward to a superior academic background to bring us different industry observation and insight. Thank you for your warm and enthusiastic attention from all sides and look forward to meeting you in any corner of Beijing or the world. Finally, miss the recruitment of small partners do not be sad, 2017, peak God list summer internship program will be launched in April 2017, please look forward to! If you have any entrepreneurial ideas, please feel free to contact us: bp@freesvc. If you have a sense of curiosity about the peak, the venture capital ambitions, welcome to sweep yards, and Feng Xiaorui (micro signal: freesfund) to become friends. Feng-jui capital, US, and the world is not the same相关的主题文章: