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You sit, not cold! This is a story of the mother of the Sohu ~ ~ every day, I like to go to work on time, as early as 6 to get up early. As a full-time housewife, I don’t have to go to work, the only task is to take care of a family". Early in the morning, I was always the first to get up and start to make breakfast. It doesn’t take much, but it also takes a family of three to meet the heat of the morning. Toss for a long time, I began to urge everyone at home to get up quickly, if you do not get up, will be late! A little faster!" Children are always bored I have been repeating the phrase "hurry up", but I still keep urging, impatient every day. Hurry to eat breakfast after the lover still slowly sat on the sofa watching mobile phone on the post, but I was anxious to put a coat on, pick up the children to go to school, then took him to go to school. School is not far away from home, but there are more than ten minutes driving time. When the weather is fine, I will ride the electric car to carry him to go to school, but in the face of the wind and rain, I have to drive him to school. Now, has been the beginning of winter, every morning on the wind pressure, even if it doesn’t rain, riding the electric car is cold panic, so every day I have to drive. One night parked in the yard of the car, also seems to be "frozen", reached out to open the door, you feel a chill. But that’s for a while, I didn’t say anything. The child sat in the car, I called the fire, drove the car away, but he’s always on the move around. Perhaps this age children, I have to say a few times a day, "don’t touch the sit!" I also don’t bother, he also don’t bother, along the way, mixed with my to him in school and this sentence, not to say, to the school gate. He put his bag on his back and ran into the school gate. I drove the car slowly started, as he ran into the building to the back, then swiftly driving back home. Back home, it was around eight, I began to clear the table, wash. Love began to pack up, ready to go to work. I finally sat down, soft on the sofa, and love nagging every day of bad things. Do not complain, just about laoke. "You be careful on the way to work, like moving, don’t like your son ten minutes, sit down all." "That is because sitting in a cold, ten minutes, the seats are not sitting warm, must move the. My car won’t be." "How cold, how can I sit cold." "You every day in a hurry," passionate ", of course not cold!" My wife drove to work, I sat on the sofa for a long time. Every day, I was in a hurry, hurry talking, although is small, no thought. I always thought I did the best I could, but it didn’t seem like that. Then again, one day at a time, take care of the house is very good, thinking about what to do next meal, you should do what, like every day seems very full, but always feel not say what you do. So I began to change!相关的主题文章: