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You don’t know the traditional market, the most authentic taste of Jeju tourism market Sohu – Korean tradition has a long history, is most closely related to classical and Korean life. Every kind of goods in the market, covering almost all varieties of the category you want, and think of the hand. It is found from South Korea’s life experience, the best choice. In the traditional Korean market by the end of the series, I come to Jeju and east gate two famous traditional market to ending, this series will temporarily come to an end, I think it is the most appropriate. Follow this finale article, see the sunrise in the Jeju Island fried chicken meat and drink beer idle away in seeking pleasure, all meet you! Jeju is Seogwipo’s largest traditional market — even Olle to market the Olle market in Seogwipo is the largest city of Seogwipo market, is the traditional market in early 1960s, the natural form, laid the foundation for the economic development of Seogwipo area. In the market from the beginning of 2001 is the beginning of the erection of the arcade, 120m, is now around 620m, plays a central role in Seogwipo’s civilian economy, internal structure of "King" is shaped, shopping is very convenient. The main sales of seaweed, pickled cabbage, fish sauce, pickles, aquatic products, Halla peak, citrus, dry fish, Tianhui incense, kitchen supplies, fresh, affordable. The market layout planning orderly, clean and tidy, in turn put stalls on both sides of the road, walk in the middle of the spacious clean bench from time to time there are small beds and for visitors to rest. You can stroll, watching, eating and chatting. Don’t underestimate the vegetable market, which was also the VIPs have come Oh, for example, South Korean President Park Geun hye, such as Superman dad dad with Chi Yun came here. Jeju Island’s famous stone grandfather was made into a variety of snacks ha, there is a stone grandpa burn, stone grandpa juice, etc., into a row of columns is lovely. Jeju Island’s famous black pork here is more authentic and delicious fresh food, black pigs mainly living in the Jeju Island area, usually housed in Hallasan in Jeju at the foot of another famous citrus feed, with carrots and other fruits, so that the natural growth of genuine black pig meat is tender, at the same time with no smell, very chewy. Sweet mouth. This is the black pork pork pie, delicious and crisp, let people drool with envy. Of course, not only the black pork pie, various approaches everything, I prefer pork pie and the big black pork string! Kimchi is still the soul of each of the traditional Korean market, see the kimchi boss uncle is somewhat handsome. I would like to buy snacks, hand letter, small gifts, specialty items such as tourists to buy here, because here is the price I see the most cost-effective. Here is the most local aunt to buy vegetables, so it is not speak English, but we are very enthusiastic, relying on the mobile phone and I dance, basic communication actually declined most. I’m so great! This was like a "bright sword"! Address: Seogwipo.相关的主题文章: