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No boyfriend have fur Rihanna warm heart lead demonstration new way: Recently a large number of stars to "it" and do not care about the same, why? Is it just because the weather is cool and no boyfriend from heating? Should not be so simple, please look down. Hush a fashion icon most willing to "it" Zhuangshan say fashion dress ugly is not shameful, Zhuangshan disgrace. Recently Kendall Jenner, sister Kim and fashion icon Rihanna Prada Anna Dello Russo will have to wear the same clothes, why don’t they reserved, so most willing to Zhuangshan? Because there is a warm heart or with the boyfriend’s attachment, only they know. Kendall-Jenner Rihanna Cara Luna-Schulze Julia-Sarr-Jamois Sofí a-Sanchez-de-Betak’s Eva-Chen Anna-Dello-Russo; this dress what backing Saint-Laurent fur back this dress saying ecstasy is the source of Hedi Slimane for the last series with Saint Laurent, heart-shaped red fur reminder in the autumn chill wind, have a boyfriend with a boyfriend no boyfriend, wear fur. Of course, it also has a purpose is to wear in the street is to steal the spotlight. GUCCI this coat has become explosion models Coco-Rocha Care pink fur with this coat also become explosion models as well as from the Gucci 2016 winter series of the pink fur coat. This only shows luxury did not show the curve of the coat was put on the Coco Rocha in "Harper s" Bazaar "magazine’s 8 pages, is another supermodel Cara Delevingne in the" ELLE "in the U.S. version of the September issue, the exposure rate is not low. GUCCI winter fur fur coat in popular opinion when autumn and winter wear fur really came, in fact, fur as a way of the earliest human warm in the fashion beautify the body before he had practical value. The earliest use of fur clothing, dating back to forty thousand or fifty thousand years ago. But it appears the scale of the development is in the 17-18 century Europe, with the level of production increased significantly, fur clothing began to enter the large-scale production stage, fur processing and fur clothing production technology mature and professional. Fur are still in vogue in 1880s, in terms of fur and leather garment making appeared a strange phenomenon: some people love the small animal stitching on clothing. In early twentieth Century, fur clothing not only to maintain the status of the social role of signs, but also into the atmosphere of the times. In twenty-first Century, in the tide of fashion fur has become an indispensable part of. As a fashion icon and相关的主题文章: