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You are right, your world is right (original) – Sohu article, the maternal parent-child mental division Xu Jingying Alfonso pain Alfonso mushroom cool ask, why am I so bad: after graduation for jump a few companies are not satisfied, the salary is not low is the total overtime, or colleagues too vicious; at the boyfriend of three years said points, there is no trace of chance……. Alfonso sigh, why is the same person in the same dorm, then kogusu Shun: just graduated a few years of fast, salary people jealous, one-year boyfriend pulled the card……. Alfonso was married to a bad husband, down on the luck, sinister lakes……. I have no language. Think of the story. A story of a priest in the United States, approaching Sunday, but not yet the subject of a speech. This is his 6 year old son Peter cudgel thinking, jumping around, so he can not concentrate on. The inspiration, take a picture book from the shelves, turn to a page — that is a map of the world. The priest tore up the map of the world, tore it to pieces, and said to his son, "Peter, if you spell this map. I’ll give you a piece of money." The son went out with a handful of crumbs. The priest thought that he would be able to think. Did not expect, not for a moment. The boy ran into the study and shouted, "Dad, I’ve got the world map spelled out." Looked at his son to fight the neat map of the world, the priest secretly surprised, but the son absolutely ignorant of world geography! The son revealed a secret: he put on the back of the map of the world over to see father — the original, that is a human head, his head spell, is a map of the world spell it out. So the son proudly said: "you see, people are right, the world is right." Hearing this, the priest infinite emotion: Yes, people are right, the world is right. Thank you for your child, I have the theme of the speech tomorrow, you are right, the world is right". The world is in my own a lot of time, we sigh situation is not smooth, envy others, but forget the whole world, the quality of their care. Psychology has a very important theory of ABC, not the things that cause us to suffer emotional distress, but because of our irrational beliefs. I really want to say what kind of Argentina, the world, largely depends on how you look, how to do. Positive cognitive, so that you can still face the hardships of happiness. On the other hand, is doomed eternally, hardly wished to live. You’re right, your world is right. So, the question is, how to do, is it right? If there is no owe, how will meet! Shakya Muni said: "no matter who you meet, he is the person in your life, not by chance, he will teach you something". So, believe it, no matter where we go, what we experience, who we meet, we should come to the place, should experience, should meet. To the opposite, is the life of some. If there is no owe, how will meet?! Then the inverse of the environment, and then bad things, and then the dregs of the people, came to our side, only one purpose: to teach us to grow – so want to come相关的主题文章: