Yongcheng ushered in the double 11 express the peak day received 2 million 780 thousand packages ca1810

Yongcheng ushered in the "double 11" express peak one day received 2 million 780 thousand parcels a parcel to the staff is almost nowhere settled yesterday morning 10 am, the reporter saw in the China post group Nanning Center Office of postal area mail processing center, with many parcels of vehicles parked in the loading area, the staff is a piece of unloading at the same time, round, long irregular parcel out also piled up, this package will be sent to the operating platform, by the staff manual sorting. The square parcel is directly placed on the shape of the rules of automatic parcel sorting machine, the processing speed of the parcel sorting machine is very fast, a parcel to the scanning and sorting from the truck, and then loaded on the truck sent to various outlets, need only 2-5 minutes. "The 14 day has ushered in the peak of inbound parcels." Deputy director of the Nanning postal district center Ma Zhengwei introduced, the number of parcels usually mail processing center every day for about 120 thousand, 11 to 13, the number of changes is not obvious, the 14 day treatment package suddenly soared more than 300 thousand. "15 days has not yet come out, but is expected to be more than 350 thousand pieces." Ma Zhengwei said.相关的主题文章: