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Ye sun love low-key birthday Li Kuncheng claimed a monthly income of twenty thousand living without Li Kuncheng and Lin Jingen Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on November 15th, the 60 year old lyricist Li Kuncheng fell in love with a small 40 year old Lin Jingen, due to the disparity in age gap, romance has aroused great concern, Lin Jingen today (15 days) 20 years old birthday, the future will be optional the registration of marriage, 2 people tonight will choose Japanese Restaurant low-key birthday. Curious about the future of Li Kuncheng’s marriage, how to shoulder the livelihood of a family? Li Kuncheng said, usually by royalty, notice fee, and the racquet black rubber phonograph and Taiwan literature, the monthly income of about 100 thousand yuan (about 20 thousand yuan), he said the collection of more than 60 thousand antique black glue, even sell 10 years sold, a rough estimate of the total value of black glue of more than 50 million yuan (about RMB 10 million yuan), worry free life. Li Kuncheng said, even before the distress of life, never bring vinyl collection to sell, "admits because will be sad, but with his girlfriend," because the Jing en more important, in order not to let her suffer, willing to part with sell precious black rubber, for example, was only spent 100 yuan to buy him. The day before the sale amount is 100 thousand yuan, and an example as before receiving pinusthunbergii signs, toys, cheap to buy antiques, serendipitously, have become the precious cultural relics. About 2 people get along, he laughed and said he girlfriend is very strict, "her" full computer mobile phone password, Lin Jingen exposed material, had told reporters about 12 noon to visit, he was temporarily changed to 2 in the afternoon, the reason is that in the play Mobile Games to hatch "snorlax", "he only slept 3 hours, very white eyes. He was angry!" Although he was still complaining about his girlfriend, his girlfriend said with a smile, although a bad temper, but he thought she was outspoken, natural, usually also very intimate, will give him to eat noodles. Li Kuncheng said: "I am the main cook, but she will." Lin Jingen said: do not expect, he actually did not taste good! He will only do hot pot, I feel pretty bad, (cooking) but also refueling." My girlfriend said Lee was a good cook, still look cheerful, and revealed that the girlfriend will be watching meals, she also had "candy eggs", Li Kuncheng quite touched. Li Kuncheng said, his father and sister love Jing well, also can buy clothes to send her, for the first time with Li Kuncheng about Jingen forest is 36 year old son together, she admits that his personality is shy, see each other will be a little embarrassed, just say "Hi" to greet each other, will not be called special her "Mom", Li Kuncheng explained: "my son is very supportive of our relationship with my family, she had no problem." Look at this pair of Ye sun love, daughter-in-law’s father is her husband’s good friend! After this call how to change?相关的主题文章: