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Yao Ming talk about Reform: CBA basketball business needs a professional Guan Yaoming talk about the reform of CBA (information) Tencent sports news October 7th Yao Ming recently accepted the media interview, Dayao in an interview to talk about the topic of the separation of management and CBA. In his view, CBA should be managed by professional people in order to get a better development of basketball in china. When it comes to running this topic, Yao Ming said bluntly, "I think this is not a question of whether to be independent of the government, but to make the best talent to do his familiar things, we all know that basketball is a business, but it is also a sport, then we need to understand basketball and business talent management." "We want to know but billions of population of the country ah, there will be a lot of potential sports fans. I think NBA has promoted the sport in China, which will make it easier for us to work in the future." Yao Ming continued. Between the company and the CBA Basketball Association Yao Ming led the establishment of the exchange was not smooth, and eventually the club basketball team combined shares, joined the CBA company in the form of individual. The CBA accounted for 30% of the shares to become the largest shareholder, the other 20 clubs each accounted for 3.5% of the shares. In September 22nd, the establishment of the preparatory meeting of the CBA and CBA shareholders’ meeting, Yao Ming was elected vice chairman of CBA. Although this time, Yao Ming did not allow the CBA League to achieve the true separation of management and operation, but for the future of reform, still played a role in promoting. Yang Weili (CBA) general meeting of shareholders of the company was elected vice chairman of the board of directors of Yao Ming (this video has nothing to do with the original content, only extended reading)相关的主题文章: