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Yang Yang exposes mate: the girlfriend pet heaven — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Yang Yang: the girlfriend blew standard pet heaven TV drama "smiled very little" is Jiangsu TV hit, played by Yang Yang is a beauty queen Xiao Nai, the God class character, Liao sister index of ten stars. Yang Yang also bluntly, with the feelings of Naiting like Shaw, "anyway, I will be good to her, she did not allow anyone to bully. Anyway, if I love her, should pampers her! "Students do not want to compare with Jing Bairan Xiao Nai is a computer system that is super Curve Wrecker, grass, or in the campus basketball, swimming is good at influential man, at the same time; God is leading in the network game; a more entrepreneurs multiple identity. After the election of the corner, the fans are very satisfied with the original show. Many viewers even took Yang Yang and Jing Bairan to make a comparison, that in the cold temperament and Shaw on the more close to the temperament of the sea, and so on, in the same way that he was in the face of the cold. In this regard, Yang Yang is not willing to talk about Jing Bairan, just smiled and said: "let me! I compared with Xiao Nai, whether it is a character or anything else, are not the same, and this person is really abnormal. In real life, it’s hard to find someone like that." Yang Yang said, Xiao Nai is a literary family of children, is the famous university jiaocao, is the Department of computer science belongs to people influential man, dragon and phoenix. However, soon, Yang Yang said he should play the game should be similar to the level of Nai Nai, I am now playing hand travel, really fun. Well, when I was a kid, I was really good at playing games. This, I quite like Xiao Nai also, playing games is not defeat, since the play, you must do the top like this." Yang Yang frankly, from small to large, himself in the game did not spend less, see love equipment will buy it, is a "game player" Yuan ", no way ah, the pursuit of perfect Virgo, you can’t control yourself." Their spouse is "happy" "smiled very little" the launch date, Xiao Nai and frequently open shell tiny dog abuse, intimate kissing is constantly staged. Many viewers are very curious, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang how to handle the scale, the filming process will be "embarrassed honey"? In this regard, Yang Yang said that he and Zheng Shuang are very professional actors, but as previously in the variety show has worked, so when the kiss did not encounter too many challenges. However, Yang Yang also said that Zheng Shuang is actually injured filming, he looked very distressed, "she has a very serious back then. When I set the rest of the time, or the light, often see Zheng Shuang a man crouched in the corner, the station could not stand." Yang Yang recalls: "but she is carrying their own, and never talk to others about their injuries. Looking at her every day thin down, really very distressed." Only a short while ago, the shell is tiny and Xiao Nai from "love at first sight" to "life" of the campus love story, touched countless boys and girls. Xiao Nai God tease sister has caused countless hot, the audience said, Xiao Nai looks cold, actually very hot ah, "in the game)相关的主题文章: