Yang Jiechi attended the reception to commemorate the 45 anniversary of the resumption of China’s le-aspack

Yang Jiechi attended the commemoration of Chinese restored lawful seat in the United Nations 45 anniversary conference – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, October 25 (reporter Yu Zhanyi) Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi 25 in Beijing to attend the commemoration of the People’s Republic of China restore the lawful seat in the United Nations 45 anniversary conference and delivered a speech. Yang Jiechi said that 45 years ago today, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 2758th, decided to restore the legitimate seat of the United Nations in People’s Republic of China. This is a landmark event, marking the universality of the United Nations, a significant increase in representation and authority, maintaining peace and development of the growing strength and China’s foreign relations into a new stage. For 45 years, China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, a defender of the international order, and a supporter of the United nations. China will adhere to the path of peaceful development, common development, cooperative development and multilateralism, and is ready to work together with the United Nations and other countries to jointly promote the lofty cause of peace and development of mankind. We look forward to continuing to play a leading role in maintaining world peace, promoting common development and improving global governance. It is reported that the reception hosted by the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, foreign minister Wang Yi presided over. The person in charge of relevant departments of the State Council China, foreign diplomats, United Nations agencies and representatives of more than and 400 people attended the conference. (end)相关的主题文章: