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Xu Yuyu: "Fujian Telecom fraud case behind the" hometown of young group prime suspect Chen Wenhui’s father mentioned his son to make mistakes, to weep. Gu Yuefei, a Beijing News reporter, said "fraud is a career in their eyes, just a means of making a living, so a family or even a village is cheating." After the sudden death of Xu Yuyu, a quasi college student in Shandong, the dark history of the past of Anxi, Fujian, was reexcavated. In previous media reports, Anxi was called the "village of fraud". At the peak, millions of swindle messages are sent from here every day. In recent years, the local government to continue the fight against telecommunications fraud, some Anxi people transferred to the field again. In the Xu Yuyu case, 6 suspects were carried out in Jiangxi. Why is Anxi’s telecommunications fraud banned repeatedly? Many people believe that some people have problems in their values. The fraudsters’ moral requirements for their own fraud are generally low, and some even think it is a strategy. A Quanzhou police officer who has been involved in combating telecommunications fraud for many years said they were not ashamed to cheat and "disgrace the money by swindling". "Fraud in their eyes, became a profession, just a means of making a living, so a family or even a village is swindling." The policeman said. "Fraud" township of Shandong city in Linyi province in August 19th, the matriculation freshman Xu Yuyu was a suspect in the name of grants, the telecom fraud cheated 9900 yuan. After the case, Xu Yuyu fell back on the way home on the way, a sudden cardiac arrest, hospital rescue death. The Ministry of public security informed the suspect information that the Xu Yuyu case involved a total of 6 suspects. Of the 6 suspects, 5 were from Fujian. Not only is a 19 year old Fujian xiong. The information released by the Ministry of public security shows that his domicile place is in Fengdu, Chongqing. But after a media field visit, it was found that when the bear was two years old, he followed his father to Fujian and lived to the present. 5 people, 3 people from the Anxi County, the other two people from Yongchun County, adjacent to Anxi county and Yongchun county. Anxi is located in the southeast coast of Fujian, under the jurisdiction of Quanzhou city. It is a typical mountain area. There are many mountains and few mountains in China. There are "eight mountains and one water and one field". Anxi is the local tea all over the mountains and plains, the most famous is the specialty of "Tieguanyin", Anxi people are more willing to call themselves "China tea". The dark history of Anxi has been dug out because of the Xu Yuyu case. At least more than 10 years ago, the county was called the "village of fraud" by the media. According to 2004, "Wang weekly" reported: Anxi is China’s mobile phone SMS fraud "base camp", located in the town of kuidou mobile communication base station was "base station" Asia’s busiest, during the peak of SMS fraud in Anxi one day, a mobile phone SMS millions of more. Telecommunication fraud originated in Taiwan in the last century in the last century, so it was also called "Taiwan style fraud". Under the attack of the Taiwan police, the beginning of this century began to move to the mainland, and Fujian became the first place. Media reports said: after 2003, part of Fujian by gang members in the new master routine to fraud, family relations, the rapid localization of telecommunications fraud. After that, the technique of Telecom fraud has been refurbished. Anxi is a knowledgeable person, like the Xu Yuyu case, the 6 suspects the way is "low", posing as a state functionary of subsidies is a few years ago of scams, now the latest move is fake gambling website fraud. In March of this year, Guangdong broke a fake gambling website fraud case, the amount involved in the case was 140 million, and more than 10000 people were deceived. Police have confirmed that the 11 shareholders of the gang are all from the Fujian Anxi Chang Keng Township, and many of them have a crime of fraud. A villager passed by the judiciary of qui Dou, and there were slogans on the walls of the judiciary to combat fraud. After the photo released by the Beijing News reporter Gu Yuefei and the 6 suspects after 90’s cheating, it was found that it was almost the same face as the victim Xu Yuyu. They are 35 years old, and the youngest is 19 years old – only 1 years older than Xu Yuyu. Among them, there are 3 people after the "post-90s". So the media commented: 90 cheat 90, "need" what! The first suspect is long with a baby face Wen Hui Chen, he at the end of this year before the age of 22. 一位认识陈文辉的当地人说,陈文辉牵头与同村的陈福地一起,组织了这个诈骗团伙。 In addition to a few fellow townsmen and a workmate, the gang members know the bears when they work together. These suspects have almost the same growth experience and living environment. They were born poor and did not love to learn. They went out to work in the absence of adulthood, and then married and born early. Chen Wenhui’s house was built on a hillside in Anxi county’s Bai Lai Township, a 3 story red brick building. The building was built 10 years ago. Now it looks like it has not been completed yet. Chen Wenhui, a relative told reporters, Chen junior high school did not graduate and dropped out of school, and then went out to work with people. At the age of 22, Chen Wenhui is the father of two boys, the elder son is two years old, and the little son is just born a few months ago. The last suspect, Zheng Xiancong, is similar to Chen Wenhui’s experience. His family lives in datan village, datu Town, Yongchun County, a two storey building, which has not been completed, and the wooden pillars that have been poured on the roof have not been removed. There was no decent electric appliance in Zheng Xiancong’s house, and there was a rusty ground fan left, except for a refrigerator. In the impression of the villagers, Zheng Xiancong does not like to speak, can’t eat bitterness, and always wants to make a lot of money. One of the villagers recalls that Zheng Xiancong didn’t even graduate from primary school, and he read most of the grade three or four in primary school. Zheng got married early, gave birth to 3 children, but somehow later, his wife divorced. The other suspects in the gang, Zheng Jinfeng and Zheng Xiancong, are in a village, and Zheng Jinfeng’s conditions are a little worse. "He didn’t live in a house now, and he lived in the big brother’s house, because the old old house was really broken." One of the villagers said. Zheng Jinfeng had a daughter and a daughter, and when his son was 5 months old, Zheng Jinfeng’s wife left him with her daughter. Of the 6 suspects, the oldest Huang Jinchun was the worst. Compared with other early gangs of "buddy", the 35 year old Huang Jinchun has not married, home is built of adobe houses twenty or thirty years ago. In 2013, Huang due to the use of credit card overdraft 50 thousand yuan, the bank to court. After that, Huang was included in the enforcement list by the court, but the execution procedure was terminated because there was no property to be executed. The first suspect, Chen Wenhui’s humble home. The shadow of Gu Yuefei, a journalist of the new Beijing newspaper, was almost from the beginning of the Xu Yuyu case. Chen Jun (the pseudonym) of Anxi has noticed this news. He saw the shadow of his 6 suspects: family difficulties, junior high school dropouts, part-time jobs, but desperation, and telecom fraud. The 29 year old Chen Jun was the leader of a small fraud Gang, and his cousin, cousin, cousin, 4 people together to form the fraud Gang, they first set up a high imitation of the securities company’s website, and published "authoritative experts in financial securities website, provide stock forecast and other information to help the victims, recommended stocks. "Among the 10 people, there are always one or two recommended stocks," Chen Jun said. After deceive victims to trust, they will join members to pay membership fees and share capital in the name of swindling each other’s money. Not for a long time, the team then fetched about 300000, until the police broke into the house. Like Chen Wenhui, Chen Jun was born in a poor house, and in his childhood memories, the hardships of his days were accompanied by endless quarrels between his parents. Chen Jun remembered that when he was seven or eight years old, he began to work in a private firecracker factory in the village. Children can help with the lead, from 8 in the morning, until about 12 in the evening. Every day, Chen Jun can finish 10 thousand firecrackers, and he can get 5 yuan. In junior high school, Chen Jun dropped out of school. He entered a clothing factory, and the main job was "stepping on the trademark" – when the clothes were good, the trademark was hit. This process is completed by the machine on the foot, and a trademark is completed on one step. This action, Chen Jun every day to repeat at least ten thousand times, "for a long time, I have sore ass". A few years of working life, Chen Jun did not earn much money, Tieguanyin was good at the price, Chen Jun went back home to help do tea. Later, the price of Tieguanyin fell all the way, from the highest 35 hundred yuan a Jin, down to a dozen yuan a Jin. Chen Jun felt that there was no way out of tea, and began to figure out how to make money. He said that a case of anti fraud news had made him brainstorm, and soon contacted a "boss" who was specially engaged in Telecom fraud through Internet. Chen Jun’s online fraud route was opened. Anxi county political and law system, one of the people, the local fraud people with low age, low cultural level, poor economic conditions and other characteristics. In April this year, the anti fraud center was set up in Anxi, and such an organization is not common in the county. Beijing News reporter Gu Yuefei photo distorted "fraud" view of the original Quanzhou municipal CPPCC members, Fujian Zhi Li law firm director Wei Zheng introduction, in recent years, especially since the action against telephone fraud, Anxi local fraud is basically controlled, but a new trend is part of the Anxi criminal suspects transferred to the field of Burma and Vietnam to avoid combat criminal activities. Wang Zibin, the head of the anti fraud center of Anxi anti fraud center, admitted that the strike in recent years has indeed compressed the space of local telecom fraud, and now Telecom fraud has been transferred to other places. For example, the case of the Xu Yuyu case, the criminal suspect is in Jiangxi. Li Qingquan, a police officer who has worked for more than 15 years in Quanzhou Public Security Bureau, believes that Anxi’s local telecom fraud has been repeatedly banned and even transferred to other places. The fundamental reason is that the soil of crime is still in existence, which is a problem of people’s values. Some defrauders regard fraud as a career and a way to make a living, Li Qingquan said. The family and even a village are deceiving. There is a saying in their circle that "it is disgrace to defraud the money." Chen Jun, who once had experience of fraud, thought: "I feel that it is much lighter than stealing or robbing", while another local villager believes that fraud is common in ancient times, and the two armies are often used against each other, which is a stratagem and the harm to society is only a "deception". "A lot of swindlers think that I have not stolen or robbed, it is your own willingness to give me money. What crime do I have? What is my crime?" a person in Anxi politics and law system analyzed that fraudsters were so self dispelled, and their sense of guilt was not as serious as that of ordinary people. "Even if the swindle was caught, they wouldn’t feel disgraced," a Anxi said, but if it was stolen or robbed, everyone would point. A Anxi person who had experienced a fraudulent experience recognized the statement. He said that the first goal of the swindler is money, and at first it will be very scared, but when he gets it, it will soon disappear. Just like many people cheat in exams, they will be very worried during the process of cheating, but once they are successful, they won’t feel the same way. Instead, they will be secretly satisfied. He said. Commentators think the west slope, should from the public governance and social construction perspective to explore the formation of "crime town". Good public governance requires the government to find, crack down and keep close precautions on the phenomenon of crime centralization. And in the fight against crime, how to repair a deteriorating local society is a deeper and more difficult proposition. (source: peeling onions people)

徐玉玉案背后:福建电信“诈骗之乡”少年群像 头号嫌犯陈文辉的父亲提及儿子犯错,痛哭流泪。新京报记者谷岳飞摄“诈骗在他们眼中,成了一种职业,仅仅是谋生的手段,所以出现一家人甚至一个村都在诈骗。”?山东准大学生徐玉玉被骗猝死案发生后,福建安溪过往的灰暗历史被重新挖掘出来。在之前的媒体报道里,安溪被称为“诈骗之乡”。高峰时期,每天从这里发出的诈骗短信多达数百万条。近年来,当地政府对电信诈骗持续打击,一些安溪人转移至外地重操旧业。此次徐玉玉案,6名嫌犯便是在江西实施。何以安溪的电信诈骗屡禁不绝?多位受访人士认为,是一些人的价值观出现问题。诈骗者对自身诈骗行为道德要求普遍较低,有人甚至认为这是一种谋略。泉州市一位多年参与打击电信诈骗的警察说,他们不以诈骗为耻,而“以诈骗不到钱为耻”。“诈骗在他们眼中,成了一种职业,仅仅是谋生的手段,所以出现一家人甚至一个村都在诈骗。”这位警察说。“诈骗之乡”8月19日,山东省临沂市高考录取新生徐玉玉被犯罪嫌疑人以发放助学金名义,通过电信诈骗骗走9900元。案发后,徐玉玉在报案回家途中晕倒,出现心脏骤停,送医院抢救无效死亡。公安部通报的嫌犯信息显示,徐玉玉案共涉6名嫌犯。6名犯罪嫌疑人中,有5名来自福建。唯一的非福建人是19岁的熊超。公安部公布的信息显示,他的户籍地在重庆丰都。但媒体实地探访后发现,熊超两岁时便跟随父亲到了福建,并一直生活到现在。5名福建人,有3名来自安溪县,另两人来自永春县,安溪县和永春县相邻。安溪位于福建的东南沿海,隶属泉州市管辖,是典型的山区,境内山多地少,有“八山一水一分田”之说。安溪漫山遍野都是茶园,当地最著名的特产是“铁观音”,安溪人更愿意称自己为“中国茶都”。因为徐玉玉案发,安溪过往的灰暗历史被挖出。至少在十多年前,该县便被媒体称为“诈骗之乡”。据2004年《�望周刊》报道:安溪是我国手机短信诈骗的“大本营”,设在魁斗镇的移动电话通信基站曾经是“全亚洲最繁忙的基站”,在短信诈骗高峰期间,安溪境内一天发出的手机短信达上百万条之多。电信诈骗上世纪九十年代起源于台湾,因此又被称为“台湾式诈骗”。在台湾警方打击下,本世纪初开始向大陆转移,福建成为首选之地。媒体报道称:2003年前后,部分福建藉团伙成员在掌握诈骗套路后另起炉灶,以家族关系为纽带,使电信诈骗犯罪迅速本土化。其后,电信诈骗的手法不断翻新。安溪一位知情者介绍,像此次徐玉玉案,6名嫌犯所采用的手法已经是比较“低级”的,冒充国家工作人员发放补贴是几年前的诈骗手法,现在最新的招术是假冒博彩网站诈骗。今年3月,广东破获了一起假冒博彩网站诈骗案,涉案金额达1.4亿,日均万余人被骗。警方证实,该团伙11个股东全部来自福建安溪长坑乡,其中多人有诈骗前科。一位村民从魁斗乡司法所旁经过,司法所墙壁上有打击电信诈骗的标语。新京报记者谷岳飞摄90后骗90后6名嫌犯的照片公布之后,人们发现,这是一张张几乎和受害者徐玉玉同样稚嫩的面孔。他们年纪最大的35岁,最小的19岁——只比徐玉玉大1岁。他们中间,“90后”就有3人。有媒体因此评论说:90后骗90后,“相煎”何急!头号嫌犯是长着一张娃娃脸的陈文辉,他今年年底才满22岁。一位认识陈文辉的当地人说,陈文辉牵头与同村的陈福地一起,组织了这个诈骗团伙。团伙成员除了几名同乡还有一位工友—一起打工时结识的熊超。这几位嫌犯有着几乎同样的成长经历和生活环境。他们出身贫寒,不爱学习,未及成年便出门打工,然后早早的结婚生子。陈文辉的家建在安溪县白濑乡的一个山坡上,一幢3层红砖楼房,这幢房子10多年前便已开建,现在看起来仍未完工。陈文辉一位亲属告诉记者,陈初中没毕业便辍学,后来跟人外出打工。还不满22岁,陈文辉已是两个男孩的父亲,大儿子两岁,小儿子几个月前刚刚出生。最后自首的嫌疑人郑贤聪与陈文辉的经历相似。他家住在永春县达埔镇达山村,一栋二层楼房,房子同样没有完工,浇灌楼顶的木头支柱至今还未撤掉。郑贤聪家中也没有什么像样的电器,除了一台冰箱外,就剩下一台锈迹斑斑的落地电扇。在村民印象中,郑贤聪不爱说话,吃不了苦,老想着赚大钱。一位村民回忆,郑贤聪甚至连小学都没毕业,他最多读到小学三四年级。郑早婚,生下了3个孩子,但后来不知何故,妻子与之离婚。团伙中的另一嫌疑人郑金锋与郑贤聪在一个村,郑金锋的条件要更差一些。“他其实现在都没有房子住的,住在大哥家里,因为以前的老房子实在太破了。”一位村民说。郑金锋有一儿一女,在儿子5个月大的时候,郑金锋的妻子带着女儿离开了他。6名嫌犯中,年纪最大的黄进春状况最为糟糕。和团伙里其他早婚的“小伙伴”相比,今年35岁的黄进春至今没有成家,家中还是二三十年前建的土坯房。2013年,黄因使用信用卡透支了5万多元,被银行诉至法院。其后,黄被法院列入强制执行名单,但因没有可供执行的财产,执行程序终结。头号嫌犯陈文辉简陋的家。新京报记者谷岳飞摄曾经的影子几乎从徐玉玉案一开始,安溪人陈俊(化名)便注意到这条新闻。他从6名嫌犯身上看见了自己曾经的影子:家庭困难、初中辍学、打工没挣到钱,然而铤而走险,加入电信诈骗。今年29岁的陈俊曾是一个诈骗团伙的小头目,他和堂哥、表哥、表弟等4人一起组建了这个诈骗团伙,他们先是创办了一个高仿的证券公司网站,并在网站上登出“证券权威专家理财,提供股票预测”等信息,帮助受害者推荐股票。“10个人中间,总有一两个人推荐的股票是涨的”,陈俊说。骗得受害者信任后,他们会以加入会员需要缴纳会员费、入股资金的名义,骗取对方钱财。不长时间,这个团队便进账30多万,直至警察破门而入。和陈文辉一样,陈俊也出身在贫寒之家,他的童年记忆里,度日的艰辛伴随着父母无休止的争吵。陈俊记得自己七八岁时,便开始在村中的私人鞭炮厂打零工。小孩子可以帮助插引线,从早上8点开始,一直到晚上12点左右。每天,陈俊能够完成1万只鞭炮,他可获得5元钱的报酬。初中一年级,陈俊辍学。他进到了一家服装厂,主要工作是“踩商标”——衣服好了之后,将商标打上去。这个工序是通过脚上的机器完成,踩一次就完成一枚商标。这个动作,陈俊每天要重复至少一万次,“时间长了,屁股被磨得生疼”。几年的打工生涯,陈俊没有挣到什么钱,当时铁观音的价钱不错,陈俊就回到家中帮助做茶叶。后来,铁观音价格一路下跌,从最高三五百元一斤,跌到几十块钱一斤。陈俊觉得做茶没有出路,开始琢磨怎么才能赚钱。他说,一例反诈骗的新闻让他“灵机一动”,很快通过网上联系到了一位专门从事电信诈骗的“老板”,陈俊的网上诈骗之路由此开启。安溪县政法系统一位人士介绍,当地从事诈骗的人具有年龄低、文化程度不高、经济条件差等特点。今年4月,安溪成立反诈骗中心,这样的组织在县城并不多见。新京报记者谷岳飞摄扭曲的“诈骗观”原泉州市政协委员,福建志立律师事务所主任魏正介绍,近几年,特别是打击电话诈骗行动以来,安溪本地诈骗基本遏止,但一个新的趋势是,安溪部分犯罪嫌疑人转移到外地甚至越南缅甸进行犯罪活动,逃避打击。安溪县反诈骗中心研判打击室负责人王梓斌承认,近年来的打击确实压缩了当地电信诈骗犯罪空间,现在电信诈骗都往外地转移。比如徐玉玉案,犯罪嫌疑人作案窝点在江西。在泉州市公安局系统工作超过15年的警官李青全(化名)认为,安溪当地电信诈骗屡禁不绝,甚至转移到外地作案,根本原因就是犯罪的土壤还在,是人们的价值观出了问题。李青全说,一些诈骗者把诈骗当作一种职业,谋生的出路。一家人甚至一个村都在骗。他们的圈子里有一种说法,“以诈骗不到钱为耻”。曾经有过诈骗经历的陈俊就认为:“我感觉它比去偷去抢还是轻很多”;而另一个当地村民认为,诈骗自古有之,两军对垒时常用,是一种谋略,对社会带来的伤害也仅是“骗骗人而已”。“很多骗子认为,我又没偷又没抢,是你自己心甘情愿把钱给我的,我有什么罪?”安溪政法系统一位人士分析,诈骗者如此自我消解,在他们心中,罪恶感不似常人那般严重。“即使诈骗被抓,他们也不会觉得很丢脸”,一位安溪人说,但如果是偷、抢,大家就会指指点点。一位有过诈骗经历的安溪人认可这种说法。他说,诈骗者首要的目的是钱,一开始会很害怕,但当得手之后,这种感觉很快会烟消云散。“就像很多人考试作弊一样,作弊的过程中会很担心,但一旦得手,就不会再有类似的感觉,反而会有些暗暗得意。”他说。时评人西坡认为,应该从公共治理和社会建设的角度来探讨“犯罪之乡”的形成。良好的公共治理要求政府对犯罪集中的现象及时发现、严厉打击、严密防范。而在打击犯罪之外,如何修复变坏的地方社会才是更深层也更艰难的命题。(来源:剥洋葱people)相关的主题文章: