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Xinhua News: slow employment is the essence of its original title: the Daily Telegraph: don’t use the "romantic word" shadowing the real problem "slow employment" and "undetermined group" seemingly absurd but romantic words, the grim reality made clear, is the essence of self deception, not only help to solve the problem, but a mockery in the face of the complex but the reality of the difficulties, there are some people who do not go to think of ways to solve the problem, but to include some seemingly romantic novel but easy to paralyze the public’s words. This self deception, not only help to solve practical problems, but also may become a laughing stock market, even intensifies the contradiction of public opinion field. The recent popular new words "slow employment" and "the family" is a typical example. Integrated media reports, "slow employment" refers to the university after graduation is not immediately work nor study, but otherwise temporarily unemployed phenomenon, such groups are also known as "undetermined nationality". It can be seen that this phenomenon or groups are not new things, there are also some people abroad after graduating from high school or college graduates choose to travel or volunteer. It can be seen that these two words are actually in the context of the dual economic pressures encountered in the reality of the background, some of the media re packaging of the pseudo concept. Compared to the "unemployment" and "unemployed" "job", these two words are full of neutral colors, there may be a little commendatory. Coupled with the "slow" and "clan" modification, but also a bit romantic. Only from the point of view of the individual, after graduation to travel, education, or volunteer to accompany their parents at home, as long as the choice is no ground for blame. People often say it China students social skills, lack of capacity, with a period of time learning, enrich and adjust, as individual choice is not a bad idea. However, if the relevant functional departments as a basis for persuasion or paralysis of society, there are some worrying. Especially in recent years, college graduates continue to encounter the hardest job season, the situation is not optimistic. Data show that in 2016 there will be about 7000000 graduates in China, plus Shanghai students and unemployed graduates in previous years, said the number of people entering the job market as many as ten million. Faced with the grim reality, the romantic discourse bubble burst on the break. It is not difficult to see that many of the so-called "slow employment" and "undetermined nationality" is actually a passive helpless in the unemployed state, but not emboldened, she has to take the initiative to choose. There was once a professor of Tsinghua University who felt that we had fallen into the language of poverty, but the above examples let us see the Chinese language and literature". "Slow employment" and "pending" is not isolated cases, from the "economic downturn" into "negative growth" to "unemployed" to "entrepreneurs", to be "poor" called "to be rich"…… Now there are many local officials, scholars and the media are keen to play word games, creating some seemingly absurd but romantic words, the grim reality made clear. These attempts to confuse the public practice, is the essence of self deception, not only to solve the problem without any benefits, but will become the laughingstock of the court of public opinion. Some people never invented some new word or concept of reason相关的主题文章: