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Xinhua News Agency: Lippi’s weakness for solution of a small outbreak of the universe – Sohu China football sports Xinhua Kunming November 15th sports special telegram Gong Bing viewpoint: burning it, a small universe! Xinhua News Agency reporter male soldiers darling, Shirupozhu, gongshiruchao, leading the game! I feel so only to describe the 12 strong Saizhongka in the battle of china! Although there is no harvest victory, although the team hopes to become increasingly slim, but such a draw at least let us see the hope of the future of the country. Still remember coach Lippi at the office of the press conference said the three words: once put on the national team jersey, for the players, this is the highest honor, is the biggest reward. They need to come up with the level of playing at the club, put on the national team and work for the country." "The players should not only have excellent physical quality, have the sense of cooperation, but also for the country to undertake the spirit of dedication, the consciousness of the rise and fall of the national football tactics, then we need to build a team." I can do is to build their own style in terms of technical and tactical, and then there is the psychological construction, so that players gain confidence." The "silver fox" look really unique, at the beginning of the office, he points out two major problems: lack of awareness of the national country foot, lack of self-confidence. In fact, the lack of national awareness has always been a problem for the country, after all, the league’s return is greater, and if the injury in the national team will inevitably affect their income in the club. And why emphasize psychological construction? As a master, since Lippi has seen the team in the tactical level gap is not big, so the country foot must be in the psychological aspects of a problem. In the previous 1 flat 4 games 12 match 3 negative after, especially a defeat to Uzbekistan to show the lacking spirit of cooperation like state recently, if not strong foot their self-confidence, so China is likely in the subsequent 12 season is the result of yixieqianli. Furthermore, from the point of view of historical experience, the country foot collapse at the critical moment of the example of the "silver fox" may meet the eye everywhere, it is a country full of insight into these weaknesses, so pay attention to the psychological construction. So, Lippi in "a period of ten days in training, had to make targeted efforts, which fully reflected from the players in the discourse. Wu Xi said that the team from the spirit of the face to have a relatively big change in confidence, he stressed that our sense of the ball and team confidence, must have this kind of desire". Li Ang said, Lippi told everyone that the team’s goal is to have 1 points to qualify for the line". Wu Lei also said: "he always encourages us to believe in ourselves. He told us that we do not lack the ability but the lack of confidence, he urged us to feel strong, he said that we have not been eliminated, as long as we have more confidence, we will not give up." Change is happening! From the field of the card in the battle, Lippi had not laboured in vain — most international ganqiang Ganpin, showing a strong self-confidence. The possession rate of 60%, up to 15 shots (Qatar is 5), from 15 (Qatar)相关的主题文章: