Xi’an subway fares hearings held at the starting price of 2 yuan, 6 km (video)-7470d

Xi’an subway fares hearing today at the starting price is 2 yuan 6 km subway ticket fare adjustment hearing today held 9, including previously open enrollment determined by online public consumer representatives and relevant experts and scholars, managers and stakeholders, the relevant government departments and organizations of participants, will be in the price hearing personnel organization Bureau of Xi’an City, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the hearing, the hearing program will fare adjustment related to express their own opinions and suggestions. Recently, the relevant departments according to the actual situation and the operation of subway construction in Xi’an City, combined with other domestic city fares, and taking into account the future development of the subway and the interests of consumers, intends to present interval denominated vote adjusted mileage denominated vote, and put forward the announcement to be submitted to two adjustment program license will be hearing. At present, the subway fare pricing system using interval between the two adjacent stations into 1 intervals, less than 6 intervals for the starting price of 2 yuan, 3 yuan 7-10 interval, 11-16 interval of 4 yuan, more than 17 and the whole range of 5 yuan, full fare 5 yuan. "Changan pass" ordinary card 10 percent off preferential, primary and secondary school students hold Changan pass student card 50 percent off discount. Long Antong old card more than 70 years of age and older people in the subway at off peak hours (peak hours daily from 7 pm to 9 pm, 17 PM to 19 PM) free ride; disabled hold a valid certificate of disability free ride. To program a hearing: the starting price of 2 yuan (including 6 kilometers, the same below), an increase of 1 yuan each, can continue to take 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6 km. That is 0-6 km 2 yuan; 6-10 km of 3 yuan; 10-14 km of 4 yuan; 14-19 km of 5 yuan; 19-24 km of 6 yuan; an increase of more than 24 km of more than 1 yuan per additional $6. Program two: starting price of $6 per kilometer, an additional $1, can continue to take 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6 km. That is 0-6 km 2 yuan 6-9 km yuan 9-12 km 4 yuan 12-16 km 5 yuan 16-20 km 6 yuan 20-25 km 7 yuan 25-30 km 8 yuan more than 30 km per additional increase of 1 yuan. Reporter Zhang Yangang (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. Xi’an subway ticket hearing program exposure相关的主题文章: