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Xiamen implement danshuanghao limit line most people choose to travel green way yesterday is the first day of the single and double limit line, most people choose to travel green way yesterday is the first working day after the disaster, the relevant departments in the appeal, the Xiamen main road traffic generally relatively smooth. Most of the people who choose to carpool and take bus travel, not to the road and wrecker personnel clogging. Morning news reporter Chen Xiaobin Bai Binbin trainee reporter Ding Yang yesterday is the first morning rush hour moranti "typhoon hit Xiamen, morning news reporter Bingfen multiple visits, early peak site. Yesterday morning peak did not appear in the expected traffic congestion, but the majority of the road is basically normal operation, even earlier than the usual peak is also smooth. Location: the entrance to the success of the road is very smooth traffic yesterday 8, the reporter went to the entrance of the success of the Lotus Village five. Here the traffic order, vehicles are not many. On the road to success to Wucun Luling road tunnel direction Road, traffic lane on a lot smaller than in the past, most of the traffic speed to 60 km. 8:25, at this time in the past, the success of the entrance of the village five lotus is the most blocked. Yesterday, such a situation does not appear, the traffic is very smooth. At the same time the success of Luling road to Wucun Avenue tunnel road direction, traffic flow as smoothly. Location: Jiahe Road, Jinshang Road on the road "single individual car" in addition to the successful road unimpeded, Jiahe road and Jinshang road did not disappoint. 8 pm yesterday, the reporter went to the Jiahe road and South Road at the junction of the ground. Usually, in the intersection traffic lights traffic basically have to close to the Yuanshan road and Hing Road intersection. Yesterday, the reporter saw, in the traffic lights, and so on, the green light, waiting for the traffic can be a one-time pass. The reporter found that the site has a "single car" not obedient, violate the provisions of the limit line on the road. Subsequently, the reporter went to the nearby Jinshang road Yuzhou garden, found people are still cleaning up the fallen trees on site. Compared with the past, yesterday the Jinshang road is blocked, the situation did not appear traffic queues. In love and friendship at the junction of Jinshang road at the traffic lights, car owners consciously waiting, orderly traffic. Location: Xianyue road traffic queues while most of the road is smooth, but there are several blocking point. The police said, yesterday morning peak traffic normal operation, Lake Road North Shore primary school section, Lin Yue Road, Xianyue Road Lake Reservoir Road, Tiger Road Road Traffic amble, Dongdu Road intersection, the intersection of Shanxi Road East Xianyueshan water traffic impact. At 8:10 yesterday, the reporter found Yueyang District Taiwan Street area Xianyue Road, but in the Jinshan section (Xianyue road to Xiangan direction, traffic tunnel) have been stranded near the head of the river interchange. It is understood that the road with trees lodging, traffic impact. Subsequently, wrecker personnel and vehicles to clean up the site, site only one lane to traffic (to Xiangan), traffic police to remind the driver to select bypass. 10 pm yesterday, the lodging trees cleared, Xianyue road to the Xiangan road to restore flow direction of tunnel. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)) video: Travel Notes: Chengdu & #8212; & #8212; 21, the people of South Road and Tianfu Avenue line;相关的主题文章: