Xiamen beauty active exercise, forehead is full of red dot, because handstand rise widcomm

The beauty of Xiamen active forehead but full of red dot inverted Wang looks caused by exercise is positive. During the national day, her forehead and temporal parts were dotted with tiny red dots, which greatly affected her image. 10 month 4 day, Wang Ke to Xiamen Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine cosmetic dermatology physician office visits Peizhen leaves. Ye Peizhen asked her recently no violent cough, sad crying, vomiting or constipation, she said nothing; ask her again, without a handstand, she suddenly remember every day practicing yoga, a handstand. "That’s right. The problem is here." Ye Peizhen believes that Wang girl suffering from intravascular pressure increased purpura, told her to immediately stop handstand action, to her with vitamin C and Chinese medicine. Yesterday, when Xiao Wang came back to visit, the facial rash had been obviously reduced. Ye Peizhen said, intravascular pressure increased purpura is due to the superior vena cava pressure suddenly increased, resulting in rupture of small blood vessels caused purpura, inverted is one reason, increased the pressure on the head when inverted, will make people appear purpura loose organization such as around the eyes, and vitamin C can improve the capillary fragility role. So effective. (reporter Liu Rong correspondent Li Qibin)

厦门美女积极锻炼额头却布满红点 因倒立引发   小王容貌姣好,锻炼身体很积极。国庆期间,她的前额和颞部都是密密麻麻的小红点,大大影响了她的形象。   10月4日,小王到厦门市中医院皮肤美容科主治医师叶佩真处就诊。叶佩真问她最近有无剧烈咳嗽、悲伤大哭、呕吐或者便秘,她说都没有;再问她,有无倒立的动作,她突然想起自己每天都练瑜伽,有倒立的动作。“这就对了,问题就出在这里。”叶佩真认为,小王姑娘患的是血管内压增高性紫癜,叮嘱她立即停止倒立动作,给她配了维生素C及中药。昨天,小王姑娘来复诊时,面部皮疹已明显减少。   叶佩真说,血管内压增高性紫癜是由于上腔静脉压力骤然升高,导致小血管破裂出血而产生紫癜,倒立也是其中一种原因,倒立时头部压力增高,会使人的疏松组织如眼眶周围出现紫癜,而维生素C有改善毛细血管脆性的作用,所以有效。(记者 刘蓉 通讯员 李琪彬)相关的主题文章: