Xiamen 150 year old banyan moved the new home with salt and rice to see him off-norton disk doctor

Xiamen 150 year old banyan moved to a new house of people with salt and rice to send it off the Jimei Shigu road 150 year old banyan confession to move to a new home yesterday, I moved. Moved to a place where there was a day, a place, a neighbor. The early morning of September 15th, I is located in Jimei Shigu Road, the old home was 17 strong wind destroyed the old I wounded down the street. Unexpectedly, 8 days later, with the help of all walks of life in Jimei, I moved into a new home of 45 square meters, good people also helped me hair, coated with ointment. My new home is in the Dragon Boat pool, where the air is fresh and the scenery is pleasant. Jimei — Shigu morning news reporter Cui Yi Liu Ping Lu Rong Shu grandfather strong typhoon "Meranti" did not pass the 150 year old old man "". After a night of wind, Jimei, Shigu, the big banyan tilt away from the ground, diagonally into the street buildings. Fortunately, fell to the ground when branching support, the tree DBH of 2.5 meters of the big banyan before crashing to the ground. However, almost half of the roots exposed, tilted trees accounted for half of the road, to save the old banyan trees in Jimei imminent action. Yesterday, Shigu road is the autumnal equinox, the big banyan housewarming auspicious. In the District of Jimei City Cooperation Development Corporation, Jimei street, Jimei, Jimei police Chen Clan, Jimei construction company, Shigu road landmark, many people memories of the old banyan tree, moved to a new house. A hundred years old move, took 10 hours to destroy the tree to save the tree to save, a 150 year old banyan tree is more difficult. Coordinated deployment, 8 points yesterday, the big banyan move officially began, the reporter saw 3 semi trailers and two cranes at the scene, the traffic police on the road to the intersection of Shigu in Cen Ao Park Road intersection control. According to statistics, there are nearly 50 people on the scene. Jimei Garden District Municipal Engineering Company, 65 year old Yuan Xin, with 25 years of experience in planting trees, he was in charge of the move action. He said that the difficulty of the banyan tree transplant is a large tree, large volume, transport problems, as well as high-altitude pruning is dangerous. At 11:30, the staff will be injured by manual banyan roots after excision, two cranes one after the "short half" banyan on semi trailer. 14, the old banyan arrived at the new home – Dragon Boat pool of Jimei banyan park. Between the old new home straight line distance less than 1000 meters, transportation team has gone nearly 1 hours, a road not only is a police escort to clear the way, the staff along the road branch pruning hinder progress. 18, the new old banyan tree house was "crackling" sound of firecrackers. After nearly 10 hours of uninterrupted work, through countless times to adjust the direction, finally put on the red cloth banyan grandfather, lived in a new home. The trees in order to prevent water evaporation, the staff also carefully in the branches of the fracture with wound ointment coating. Some people with salt and rice, some people want to donate the old banyan tree to move, yesterday, 8 points have not arrived, the nearby residents came to the scene. Squid dipped in water, farewell to the old banyan tree to wash my face; the old banyan tree Sheng salt and rice, as a road)相关的主题文章: