Wuhan’s three public expenditure was substantially reduced last year by 68 million less than the pre-vy canis majoris

Last year, the expenditure of "three Gong" in Wuhan was reduced by 68 million less than the previous year. The meeting of the Standing Committee of the Wuhan Municipal People’s Congress (NPC) considered the report of the final accounts of the city level in 2015. According to the report, the expenditure of the "three Gong" expenditure of the Wuhan municipal administrative institution last year was 247 million yuan, 68 million yuan less than in 2014. The official reception fee was 26 million yuan, 45.6% of the budget and 184 million yuan for the purchase and maintenance of the bus. Last year, the general public budget income in Wuhan was about 176 billion 200 million yuan, and the general public budget fund was about 167 billion 600 million yuan. In the "three public" funds, the cost of going abroad (border) is 37 million yuan, which is 77.1% of the budget, the official reception fee is 26 million yuan, the budget is 45.6%, and the official vehicle purchase and operation maintenance fee is 184 million yuan, which is 76% of the budget. Zhou Xueyun, the director of Wuhan Municipal Finance Bureau, said that last year was the first year of the new budget law. Wuhan has increased its financial support in the areas of people’s livelihood improvement and urban upgrading. Last year, social insurance increased by 424 thousand insured persons, supporting 89 thousand affordable housing projects, housing difficulties for 2 million households, and subsidized 141 thousand and 300 families with financial difficulties. At the same time, Wuhan has implemented all policies and measures to reduce taxes and reduce taxes, cancel and stop 106 administrative and government funds, and effectively reduce the burden of enterprises and society. The report of the audit work on the implementation of the municipal budget and other financial revenues and expenditures in 2015 was also submitted for consideration yesterday. According to the report, last year the audit found suspected of defrauding financial capital, illegal bidding, in violation of the eight provisions. 68 major violations of the law and discipline, have been transferred to judicial and discipline inspection organs at all levels and departments, the relevant personnel by the party and government discipline, related enterprises are criticized or subjected to economic sanctions. (journalist Guo Wenjie correspondent Han Hong)

武汉去年“三公”支出大幅缩减 比前年少0.68亿昨日,武汉市人大常委会会议审议2015年市本级决算报告。根据报告,去年武汉市本级行政事业单位“三公”经费支出2.47亿元,比2014年减少0.68亿元。其中公务接待费0.26亿元,为预算的45.6%;公车购置及维护费1.84亿元。去年武汉市本级一般公共预算收入来源总计约1762亿元,一般公共预算资金运用总计约1676亿元。“三公”经费中,因公出国(境)费0.37亿元,为预算的77.1%;公务接待费0.26亿元,为预算的45.6%;公务用车购置及运行维护费1.84亿元,为预算的76%。武汉市财政局局长周学云表示,去年是新《预算法》的第一年,武汉加大了民生改善、城市升级等领域的财政保障力度。去年社会保险净增参保42.4万人次,支持建成保障性住房8.9万套,对2万余户住房困难家庭发放了住房困难补贴,为14.13万家庭经济困难学生发放助学补贴。同时,武汉全面落实各项减税降费政策措施,取消、停征106项行政事业性收费和政府性基金,切实减轻企业和社会负担。昨日,2015年度市级预算执行和其他财政收支的审计工作报告也提交审议。根据报告,去年审计发现的涉嫌骗取财政资金、违规招投标、违反“八项规定”等68件重大违纪违法问题线索,已分别移送司法和各级纪检监察机关和主管部门,相关人员受到党纪政纪处分,相关企业单位被通报批评或受到经济处罚。(记者郭文杰通讯员韩红)相关的主题文章: