Wuhan wind blown down trouble kilovolt high-voltage wire rod seven or eight village power-sweets parade

Wuhan wind blown down trouble kilovolt high-voltage wire rod seven or eight village power yesterday, Jiangcheng windy, Jiangxia Jinkou flat Lake Village has a breathtaking scene, seven or eight villages off, but fortunately no casualties. Yesterday morning 12 am, reporters came to Jiangxia Jinkou flat Lake Village, a village, a crane is a tilted wire rod. Then go inside, a 10000 volt high-voltage wire rod needs two folded down in the pond (right). Witnesses said the incident occurred about 6:30 in the morning, poles collapsed almost two people together. The reporter statistics found that, in addition to the high-voltage wire, a total of 7 poles were blown down. Witnesses said the poles were blown down, about child arm thick wires will be two residents of the home of the roof down a vara. Among them, Ms. Lee has been set off a red tile roof tile installed in large, solar energy is brought down, the solar water spilled all over the ground, the two floor of the composite floor is wet. But workers are just waiting in the side, power construction maintenance has been stagnant. Person in charge of the construction side, the poles were blown down, resulting in seven or eight villages around power, but if the villagers do not stop construction, at night you can fix the power supply. The person in charge, the poles collapsed damaged two villagers houses, but because one of the villagers, Ms. Lee has views on compensation, the two sides deadlocked together. "The beginning of solar energy did not fall, so that they quickly get, but did not get, resulting in greater losses". Ms. Lee said, do not want each other’s money, but let the other party to restore the original, afraid of the other side ran a pressure of 50 thousand yuan, but the other side is not willing to. After the final alarm, the police have been involved in coordinating the matter. (reporter Lin Jing)相关的主题文章: