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Wuhan, a cadre of falsifying cash funding after retirement was to investigate the newspaper news (reporter Zheng Ruke intern correspondent Yang Lei Duan Chenchen Ji Xin) "is not equal to the retirement into the" safe haven "." Yesterday, the Xinzhou District Commission for discipline inspection staff to the Yangtze River Daily reporter introduced a certain community branch secretary of the district Cheng Moumou discipline facts. Cheng Moumou July 1994 joined the Communist Party of China, from December 2011 to November 2015 any Xinzhou community branch secretary, director. 2015 community general retirement. After retirement, Cheng Moumou problem was investigated. Investigators, Cheng Moumou served as branch secretary, director of the community, in violation of financial discipline, using the virtual method of community spending, obtain funding for community work, community reimbursement will instigate community funds into personal accounts, and then take the first expenses reimbursement, set up accounts for the community with other expenses, reimbursement of community funds personal communication fee of mobile phone. At the same time, in violation of the eight provisions of the spirit, in the Mid Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival public funds to purchase gift cards, salt eggs and other gifts, as the cadres and workers welfare payment, a total of 11380 yuan. Investigators said that after the introduction of the provisions of the central eight, Cheng Moumou still do not follow the rules, the serious violations of Party discipline, adverse effects on the community. But in view of Cheng Moumou aware of their mistakes, and the problem was quickly corrected, and ultimately decided to give the party a serious warning. The original January 1, 2016 implementation of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations" provisions of article ninety-sixth, in violation of the relevant provisions of the organization, to use public funds to pay for dinner, high consumer entertainment, fitness activities, or using public funds to buy gifts, gifts, the responsibility and the responsibility of leadership, less serious, given a warning or serious warning; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from party posts or probation; if the circumstances are serious, expelled from the party.   said the Party cadres and discipline; whether serving or retired as Party members and cadres illegal use of public funds to send gifts, these appear to be "small problem", "the actual hidden plague". In fact, breaking the law must break discipline, corruption often in the style for the beginning, behind the style of the problem is the problem of discipline. This kind of "unhealthy" must not be condoned, regardless of Party members and cadres are serving or retired, should be treated equally, only to stand up, strict discipline and rules, Zhuazao grasping small, easily in order to prevent the four winds bounce problems, promote the comprehensive strictly extends to the base layer. (reporter Zheng Ruke intern correspondent Yang Lei Chen Xin Ji Long finishing)相关的主题文章: