Wu Minxia and Guo Jingjing in the night with a box feeling – and Guo sister see sports Sohu-8l9840

Wu Minxia and Guo Jingjing in the night with a box – and see Guo sister with Sohu   sports; Beijing time on August 29th, the Rio Olympic delegation to visit the mainland elite athletes travel, diving team athletes came to the Victoria Park Swimming pool diving demonstration, "billion daughter-in-law" Cathy Chui dew shoulders and her husband Lee Ka Shing hospitality Olympic delegation. Guo Jingjing also came to help out, the scene, Cathy Chui and Wu Minxia Guo Jingjing talked about photo, Wu Minxia is late night with Guo Jingjing "frame", drying out photo in micro-blog. The mainland Hong Kong athletes, the diving team continued the tradition of "diving demonstration program". In the Victoria Park Swimming pool, Cathy Chui and her husband Li Jiacheng arrived at the scene, Diving Queen Guo Jingjing also came to the scene, and Cathy Chui also retired "diving Princess" Guo Jingjing met the two giants new photo with Wu Minxia holding Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia, the diving double treasure, reminiscent of the two year gold medal both times. Four years later, each find their happiness, together with the old topic of endless talk. This morning, Wu Minxia is still on the individual social media home drying out two people late at night with a photo of the box, and said: my sister appeared! [wink] rarely see a face! [tears]." Many people say Wu Minxia because she has been under Born Under A Bad Sign, the shadow of Guo Jingjing, but in fact, two of the competition has been very healthy state. The 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Wu Minxia for the first time to participate in the Olympic Games, and his sister Guo Jingjing’s partner won the gold medal, four years after the Beijing Olympic Games, Wu Minxia partner Guo Jingjing, successfully defending this gold medal. The four Olympic Games, Wu Minxia teamed up with three partners, achieved four consecutive women’s synchronized three meter project, but there is no doubt, and Guo Jingjing together, the outside world is the most talked about topic. The 2012 Olympic Games in London in August, Wu Minxia teamed up for the first time to participate in the Olympic Games what posture, with a score of 364.20 easily won the women’s doubles gold medal 3 meters board. Subsequently, in the women’s single three meters board final with a high score of 414 to win. With this title, Wu Minxia made her own grand slam feat. The number of Olympic gold medals Wu Minxia accumulated to 4, equalling Fu Mingxia and Guo Jingjing (London Olympics, Chen Ruolin also got the four gold), her Olympic medals accumulated to six, equalling Lining, Li Xiaoshuang, Wang Yifu, Guo Jingjing, became the most Chinese sports. September 2014 Inchon Asian Games, Wu Minxia fourth times to participate in the Asian Games, she has become the most popular Chinese diving players. February 2016 in Brazil Rio De Janeiro Diving World Cup game, Wu Minxia won the women’s doubles three metre champion, became the first Chinese won the world champion in men over the age of 30 divers, which Wu Minxia won ninth Diving World Cup champion, as of February 2016, she is a diving World Cup winning number the female athlete, and Tian Liang tied for the most gold medals won the world cup diving athletes. At the same time, Wu Minxia in the world’s three largest number of doubles championship has reached a total of 15 times, become相关的主题文章: