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Worried! Mom just turned around, the fate of the baby was changed – the mother and daughter of the Sohu to give the baby a bath, found that a piece of clothes, they turned to the bedroom to get clothes. For fear of accidents, the mother will put water tub clean, and plug the drain. Just left, I heard the baby crying, my mother thought it was a baby to be awkward, it did not care. Until the clothes took half, the baby cries more and more painful, the mother was aware that there might be an accident, and quickly ran back. At that moment, mom couldn’t believe her eyes. Just leave about two minutes, the hot tub was hot water, and over the baby’s chest, baby sitting inside not stop screaming. Baby burn area of forty percent, to protect the genitals. The original is the baby sitting in a bathtub just in front of the water heater switch, probably because of curiosity by hand touch, leading to the hot water switch open. (pictures unrelated to the original) to the baby to take a bath is a small thing, but if the mother is careless, simple things will be brewing tragedy. The following talk with her mother when the baby with a bath, we should pay attention to matters, the baby is not sensible, the mother should be more careful. NO1, put too much on the shower bath too much and not easy to clean, but also easy to let the baby body is very slippery, adults up easy to slide out, may cause the baby falls. NO2, a half-way away adults to bathe the baby, just go away for a while, or halfway to get a toy or a towel, clothes, even the children will be walking alone, let him be prone to drowning, falls and other bathroom. The bath water bath heating water halfway with NO3, especially in the winter, easy to cool, some parents for the sake of convenience, directly into the tub of water, so there is a big security risk, baby curiosity by hand, if he stretched forth, it is very easy to send business abroad. Or heating water can not be synchronized to know the water temperature in the basin, causing the baby was scalded. NO4, the direct use of baby shower rinse whether gas water heater or electric water heater, in the just opened when the water temperature is low, the use of long water heater, water can sometimes hot and sometimes cold, if not that easy to catch a cold or scalded baby. Or adjust the temperature bath to give the baby a bath. NO5, hot water switch installed too low a child’s curiosity, parents are not allowed to play things, the more the baby to try. So there is a home, the bathroom inside the hot water switch can not be too low, so as not to touch the baby accident. NO6, the baby will be placed directly under the faucet to wash the bathroom in general will not be too high, if the baby under the faucet bath, adults are not convenient, the baby is also easy to hit. In addition, the adults in the process of giving the baby a bath, it is possible to accidentally touch the faucet switch, once the unfortunate encounter hot water stalls, hot water will cause the baby to be burned. In the eyes of every parent, every child is an angel sent by god. When the angels descend on the earth, they lose their wings, and they need love from their parents and society相关的主题文章: