Women buy Tangchaolizi yangkeng just put into the mouth of fried.-foldercure

Women buy Tangchaolizi yangkeng just put into the mouth of "fried" happened on Friday night, Ms. Shen and her husband when shopping, just to see people queuing up to buy fresh Tangchaolizai near the downtown Jiaxing road workers, overflowing fragrance make Ms. Shen tempted to buy a bag ready to snack. Ms. Shen thought, while eating hot will be more delicious, then grabbed one and stuffed into the mouth. At the moment of biting, only listen to "bang" a sound, "at that time, the chestnut instantly split, chestnut meat in front of the explosion, the upper lip is extremely numb, and then look at the ground chestnut meat, has broken into powder." Ms. Shen, when she suddenly stunned. Ms. Shen’s husband said he could not believe the noise he had heard, but came out of his wife’s mouth. Ms. Shen then went to the hospital to let the doctor check the mouth, but fortunately it was not very serious. Her lips feel numb for three consecutive days. On the fourth day, the lips were almost numb, but the surface of the scald was covered with a thin brown crust. Ms. Shen told the newspaper sister, after thinking, if not in the mouth of the explosion, may hurt the eyes, it would be miserable. Freshly baked chestnuts, please eat later. In the city dry river street, a man named "Jin Wang" sugar fried chestnut shop shop on the door and put up a very straightforward tips". There are two machines fried chestnuts, the shop owner surnamed ANN, Ningbo people, to Jiaxing, Haining for 10 years, has been in the dry river street sugar fried chestnuts business, good reputation. The boss pointed to the machine that was roasting the chestnut, and said, "there is a more than 200 degree high temperature in this pot. The chestnuts that have just been roasted are certainly hot."! An employer further explained that because just out of the pot inside the hot chestnut is not over, if the force will snap, chestnut for extrusion and broken shell. Therefore, eating hot chestnuts must be careful, preferably after eating cold chestnuts. If you do microwave ovens at home, it is best to open the mouth of chestnuts, in order to prevent explosion. "Some customers couldn’t wait to bite, and I couldn’t stop it, and my mouth got burned." Ann said the boss. This happens every year. So, he just posted that warm reminder.

女子买糖炒栗子解馋 刚放进嘴里就“炸”了 事情发生在上周五晚上,沈女士和丈夫在逛街时,正好看到嘉兴市区工人路附近有人排队买新鲜出炉的糖炒栗子,四溢的香味让沈女士忍不住买了一袋准备解解馋。沈女士想着,趁热吃会更美味,于是,抓起一个便塞进嘴里。结果就在咬的一瞬间,只听“啪”的一声响,“当时板栗瞬间裂开,栗子肉就在眼前炸开来,上嘴唇奇麻无比,再看地上的栗子肉,已碎成了粉末。”沈女士描述,当时她一下子就愣住了。沈女士的丈夫说,他都不敢相信自己听到的响声,竟然是从妻子嘴巴里面出来的。沈女士随后到医院让医生检查了下嘴巴,还好没有很严重。她的嘴唇连续三天都感觉麻麻的。到了第四天,嘴唇基本已经不麻了,但是烫伤的表面结了一层薄薄的褐色痂皮。沈女士告诉报姐,事后想想,万一不是在嘴里炸了,可能伤到眼睛,那就惨了。刚出炉的栗子请稍后再吃,防炸嘴沈女士的遭遇真不是偶然。在市区干河街,一家名叫“金栗旺”糖炒栗子店店门口就贴了一张很直白的“友情提示”。店里有两台机器炒栗子,这家店的老板姓安,宁波人,来嘉兴海宁10年了,一直在干河街上做糖炒栗子的生意,口碑不错。安老板指着正在炒栗子的机器说,这个锅里有200多度的高温,刚炒出来的栗子当然很烫啊!安老板进一步解释说,因为刚出锅的板栗里面热气还未散尽,如果再用力猛咬,板栗就会因挤压而炸破壳。所以吃热的板栗时一定要当心,最好等板栗冷后再食用。如果自己在家用微波炉做,最好先将栗子开个口,以防爆炸。“有的顾客迫不及待去咬,我来不及阻止,结果嘴被烫伤了。”安老板说。每年都会发生这样的事情。于是,他就干脆贴了那张温馨提示。相关的主题文章: