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Arts-and-Entertainment Many people like to live in Folkestone or visit the town because of the sea. For hundreds of years the town has been a mag. for people wishing to enjoy a day by the seaside. Children love splashing around in the water, and people love to sunbathe on the beach, despite the risks to their health from exposing their skin to strong ultra violet rays. The attractions of Folkestone as a seaside destination are not just in relation to people enjoying a day by the sea. People who enjoy sea fishing live in the area or visit the town for this purpose. Sea fishing can be done from the beach, from the promenade or from a fishing boat. Single fishermen with fishing rods will fish by using all three methods. Fishing boats with fishing .s can also be used for fishing on an industrial scale. Fishing boats will often fish with .s around the coast at Folkestone. The boats may fish near the coast or go out to sea, depending on the type and amount of fish that they hope to catch. Such boats can also catch shellfish like lobsters. Many fishing trips using boats are done at night. Such trips can be dangerous as people could fall overboard and drown in the sea, so care must be taken, along with awareness of best practice of health and safety when at sea. The seaside at Folkestone is also a source of inspiration for people who like to paint and draw. The sky and the sea are ever changing with different colours and shapes of clouds and waves. Many painters will seek out the ambience that will help them create great art. Other painters will carry a digital camera with them at all times so that they can capture interesting scenes, and then pain them later form the image on their camera. Many writers like to visit Folkestone or live there for a while to get inspiration from the sea. The visual aspects of the sea and the sky and the way they change can inspire interesting thoughts to assist the creative writing process. The dark forces of the sea at night, with the waves crashing mercilessly and the wind howling, can provide great dramatic inspiration. The beaches of Folkestone are popular destinations for people who like to collect marine objects. Such objects include shells, rocks and driftwood. Objects like these can be of interest in their own right. They can have a rare kind of marine beauty which makes them delightful decorations for homes and offices. Such objects can also be made into items that can be sold, like paperweights, ash trays and picture frames. You will sometimes see people with metal detectors on the beaches of Folkestone. Metal detection is a popular activity in the United Kingdom and there are many enthusiasts. The hobby of metal detection is a good way for people to get out and about. They can travel all over the country and the world to likely places where they could find interesting metallic objects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: