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Why the 3 year old decides the life of a child! As the saying goes: "mother – Sohu 3 years old to see big, 7 years old." This is not a talk, scientific research shows that in the process of growing up, a child before the age of 3 years of growth and development will affect the development of his life. As a parent, only a good grasp of the golden age of 3 years old, the child will be in accordance with its own characteristics of growth and development, to play a potential, healthy growth. 3 years old to see the scientific basis of scientific research shows that before the age of 3 is an important period of brain development. When a person is born brain weighs only 370 grams, the end of the first year, the infant brain weight had been close to the adult brain weight of 60%; at the end of second years, about 3 times the birth, accounting for about 75% of adult brain weight; by the age of 3, infant brain weight is close to the range of adult brain weight. After the growth rate will slow down. So the child in the birth of 2 to 3 years, both in terms of physical and psychological aspects of good parenting stimulation on the brain function and structure have an important impact. For the 3 year old confirmed what play a big role in a person’s life in London in 1980, the Institute of psychiatry professor Caspi and King’s College London psychiatrists were observed to test a have a unique style. Researchers in 1000 local children aged 3 years as the research object, first after a series of investigation and analysis, and divided them into 5 types: confident, good adaptability, self discipline and be scanty of words, type on tenterhooks. By 2003, when the 3 – year – old children had grown up to become adults at the age of 26, Professor Caspi spoke to them again and visited their friends and relatives. The findings are as follows: the performance category – possession ratio – the performance of the young – adult performance is full of self-confidence 28% lively and enthusiastic, outgoing personality. Cheerful personality, strong, decisive, strong leadership. Good adaptation type 40% self-confidence, self-control, not easily upset. By the age of 26, they had no change in character compared with their early childhood. Type 8% silent be scanty of words, words. They are more likely than the average person to hide their feelings, do not want to influence others, do not dare to do anything that could lead to their injuries. Type 10% negative behavior on tenterhooks, distraction, etc.. Compared with other people, these people are more likely to overreact to small things, prone to distress and anger. The people who are familiar with them are more realistic, narrow-minded and easily nervous. Self restraint 14% self binding, not easily disturbed by the outside world. Grow up as well as a child. These 3 years old children and even predict their adult personality, let professor Caspi very surprised. He summed up the results of his experiment, and in 2005 published a speech on the report, the report in the international academic community caused a stir, for the 3 year old to look at the argument provides strong evidence. Professor Caspi points out that a person’s experience of the past 3 years will be like a sponge to absorb. This)相关的主题文章: