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Why not develop Levine Ken torrents yongtui "BioShock" foreign media Rolling Stone today released a report, the depth interview "BioShock" the father of Ken Levine. In the interview, one of the very interesting part is about why Levin to stop the development of the "BioShock" game, instead of making a smaller "more entrepreneurial spirit" game. "BioShock" father of the Ken Levine Levin said at the start, in the "BioShock infinite" after he just didn’t want to develop another. Then he said to himself, "BioShock" attitude is "never give up". He said he had given his superiors said, in the end the development of "BioShock infinite" after he left, because he wanted to develop a "very small, more experimental" game. He said, "they want me to stay. I thought they would make Irrational Games to develop a new "BioShock", but later found not so." Take Two eventually closed "BioShock" and "BioShock infinite" developer Irrational Games. Levine and a handful of employees of a new studio set up in Take Two. The first game in the new studio has not been released, before Levin had hinted that it would be a small open world game. "BioShock" the father of Ken Levine as to why Levin I do not want to develop a new "BioShock" game, he said the development of "BioShock infinite" has a negative impact on their lives. He said: "when we first published the" BioShock infinite: "when the time is in 2010, I saw a picture of myself. Then in 2013, I accepted an interview with NPR, and I saw my picture. But I feel like I’m 10 years old. Developing this game has changed my life, including my body, my idea of making games, and my relationships with others. It is more difficult to manage 30 or more people than to manage the 150 person, because you know everyone’s name, it’s a very different process." The eternal classic "BioShock infinite" Levine himself said that he is a kind of creative talent, they would rather do not want to write the script manager. He said: "I think everyone is a normal reaction I will continue to do so, BioShock developed a bigger and better". But I used to think that if I did I would fail and lose myself and marriage. So my choice is to give up." In addition, in the interview, Levine also very frankly expressed their views. He said: "I am not a happy person. I’ve had a lot of anxiety. When I wake up and look at my beautiful wife, my dog, my family, my colleagues, my games and my fans, I would say, "why am I still not happy?"." (source: 3DM editor: unhappy) Sina statement: sina.相关的主题文章: