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Why children of me a Sohu – Author: maternal mother spoon powder questions @ Qi Ma DIY Bang hair my daughter four years old, now let me the most headache problem is there are a lot of things such as meal don’t bounce ah, don’t play when you eat ah, this kind of problem, every day every day always remember, feel the child did not personally, sometimes just finished, she was asked to pay attention to what mother said, she said they do not know, please expert help me, in the end what is going on, is also what my education problem? Thank you! Experts answer @ spoon mother talking to the child, he left ear into the right ear, or after listening to the same as not heard, parents can find reasons from two aspects. Listen to the question when a child can not concentrate, or when he played very attentively, you say, he is not completely from across the front of the ear. If you want to know if the child is not the case, the method is very simple – ask questions. When you’re done, you ask the child, "what did I just say?" Pretend not to remember, let the children help remind. If the child is a loss of face, you can be very patient to repeat what you just said, remember, do not get angry! If you get angry or angry, the problem is transferred. Some children listen to the attention is very poor, no one said he can listen to the complete. These children need to slowly adjust the training, you can tell stories to repeat the child, from 5 words to a word, slowly to a word…… Parents to distinguish the child is really not heard to remember, or pretend not to know. Give more patience to analyze where the problem is. Understand and carry out the problem of the children can repeat what you say, but still can not do well, it is necessary to consider the other side. First of all, do you agree with your child?. Many parents give their children instructions or requirements, never say why. So when children listen reluctantly, let alone after execution. You can tell a child, why not meal skipping, why do dangerous things can not touch, touch what will happen. Children are curious, you can use the story, or the form of a small experiment, so that children understand the truth to comply with the rules. Second, the child’s habits. Some bad habits such as eating, eat and play, this is not a day for two days to develop. If you want to correct these bad habits of children, it is best to work with him to make a plan. With rules to restrict, or early enforcement, and other bad habits slowly corrected, the children of these problems will be changed. In communication with the child above the problem, parents must remember to be flexible. Look for more reasons, or multi transposition thinking about why the child will have this idea, why do. As a child, don’t always do that occasionally issue orders left and right, let the child decide, let him have the opportunity to express their true thoughts.相关的主题文章: