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High end talent why get together drift County – Science and technology – People’s original title: why high-end talent get drift county old saying, people go up. Young people graduating from college rather than go to the big city drift is not willing to return home. But there are so many people, they choose to take root in a small town in the south of the Yangtze river. Once at the Boeing company for 16 years, went to Beijing China fly commercial aircraft technology research center senior researcher, doctoral mentor Chen Zhiping, at the beginning of last year to join Jiangsu Hengshen served as chief technology officer, research and development of carbon fiber composite material technology and low cost of manufacturing. From the other side of the United States, the best living conditions of domestic scientific research in Beijing, then to Danyang Jiangnan small town, the dazzling "three jump" let many people familiar with him. A year later, Chen Zhiping’s efforts to pay off: in September 23rd, the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Ma Kai came to Jiangsu Hengshen research, spoke highly of the achievements of the company in terms of carbon fiber composite materials. Private technology enterprises like Chen Zhiping high-end talent "marry", in Danyang Tunan alloy: meet the eye everywhere Dr. team won one fell swoop in Jiangsu province so far the only one class a "double" team; the introduction of domestic consumption only Jiangnan biological engineering Chinese academician Li Yu bacteria field, built the first mushroom factory production line in the world and won the two prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award; has 6 patents authorized by the United States Dr. Cai Zongzhe was invited to join the Jiangsu diving medical…… Danyang University, Shanghai and Nanjing and cracks in the two metropolitan areas, with what can let overseas high-end talent to get together in this innovation? The introduction of a refresh of an industry since 2007 in Jiangsu province took the lead in the country to start the implementation of the "Double Plan", Jiangsu province has issued a variety of "talent plan", set off a war without smoke "war for talent". As a county-level city, Danyang did not engage in the introduction of talent full bloom, but relying on the advantages of the industry in Danyang, the key breakthrough". Danyang science and Technology Secretary Liu Hongcheng explained: "new materials, new medical and high-end equipment, modern agriculture is the dominant industry in Danyang, many companies have done the domestic market the largest, the industry’s top talent has a very strong attraction, this talent has been useless." Competitive industries and high-end talent "win", not only to occupy the commanding heights of technology, but also makes a number of high-end technology rapid fall into the market, to the effect of 1+1 > 2. Jiangsu Yuyue is the largest and highest market value of A shares of the medical equipment manufacturing enterprises. In last year’s double eleven day, diving medical to the total sales of 35 million 538 thousand yuan won the first selling brand of medical equipment. Dr. Cai Zongzhe was invited to join the Jiangsu Yuyue, responsible for carrying out research and industrialization work blood glucose meter products. His innovative use of multi electrode compensation technology, so that blood glucose testing more convenient and more accurate, the technical parameters of the product reached the international advanced level. As of now, the Cai Zongzhe team has successfully developed 10 types of model)相关的主题文章: