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Why Harden broke a small universe? Beard: DeRozan Westbrook incentive Sohu sports   November 17th Beijing time, according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported that in an interview, Harden said the Rockets, the season was ushered in the outbreak, a major reason is that by the two friends DeRozan and Westbrook incentive. So far this season, harden averaged 37.3 minutes, will send 30.3 points and 12.6 assists and 7.9 rebounds, the highest League in assists per game. It is worth mentioning that the two friends DeRozan and Westbrook harden, the season is also very good, which DeRozan averaged 33.2 points out, is the league in scoring, while Westbrook scoring and assists in the League second. In harden opinion, his excellent performance by two friends incentive. "In particular, they are all from Losangeles," Harden said, "Westbrook and Deluozan have played a good personal data. In my opinion, everyone in this league will notice this. This will encourage me to move on, to win and do what I have to do." From the current point of view, whether it is DeRozan or Westbrook, harden, have become their team leader. In this regard, harden said they are relying on their own efforts to get the opportunity now. "We are all grown up, of course we are not always the most talented player in their team," harden admitted that "we need to get the opportunity to through their own efforts, we need to use it." The rocket will be away at the thunder, it is worth noting that Westbrook will be on Saturday officially named the Russian Cola Homa Hall of fame, and Michael Jordan will be his sponsor. In this regard, harden expressed his views. "On the pitch, players like Westbrook are rare, but he is very popular and sincere. He deserves everything. He’s very talented." Harden said. (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章: