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Why don’t the country foot "konghan"? – Sports – people.com.cn original title: the Orangemen "konghan" why not? Looking forward, looking forward to, September is coming, the 12 leg of the race is near. After 15 years of waiting, and finally Chinese men reached the final stage of World Cup Asian zone, but also the buzzer promotion, anyway, let us again with flowers to celebrate. Review this exciting moment ~ well, the celebration is over, the following calm, because the real challenge, the 12 game will start tomorrow! To begin, to begin, start, start,…… small view sky, Qiazhiyisuan, first’s opponent was the South Korean team! Yes, we often say that "koreaphobia" another actor smecta! The style does not seem to mention this well, the South Korean team of, one is not open around the topic of "koreaphobia". Since 1978, China and South Korea for the first time since the confrontation between the two countries, the country has been 32 years in the international class a competition in korea. China and South Korea to fight until February 10, 2010, the Chinese team 3 to 0 victory over South Korea, and finally, finally ended the tragic history of the Han dynasty. At the time the CCTV morning news. However, it was an accident, for the Orangemen, "konghan" still. Since that time after the victory, the Orangemen have never won the South Korean team, No. At the end of last year’s East Asian Cup, Perrin coach of the Chinese team 0-2 is not lost in Europe to play the South Korean team, please note that the national game of the game only one shot. To lose as a result, in the field of China and South Korea before the war, "koreaphobia" routine like was raised again, but the national football guy replied: "we don’t konghan extremely elegant and valuable," "we don’t konghan", "we don’t konghan". Important things are to be repeated for 3 times。 With the Orangemen boy’s words, "konghan" is the past, for the Orangemen currently close to 90 and 90 players for the team, the Korean team in their hearts and no shadow. For most players, this is their first time and Korea team played, so, what about the konghan! As the most serious country foot "konghan" is the period in the last century in 90s, with the Orangemen last time in 2001 reached the final stage of the Asian World Cup qualifiers for the next 15 years, the Orangemen appeared in the competition venues the opportunity not to be many, only every session of the East Asian Football Championship meet (this is not really fixed black!). But 25 people in training on the average age of 26.4, of which 30 year old only 5 people; "90" occupy 6 seats, born in 1997, Zhang Yuning is 20 years old. They to "konghan" memory really is not deep. 19 year-old Zhang Yuning in this session of 25 NPC list: (in parentheses is the year of birth) Guangzhou Hengda: Feng Xiaoting (1985), Zhang Lin? (1989), Zheng Zhi (1980), Huang Bowen (1987), Li Xuepeng (1988), Zeng Cheng (1987), Gao Lin (1986): Shanghai port Wu Lei (1991), Yu Hai (19)相关的主题文章: