Why did the Jews win the 15 Nobel prize in the world-sorpack

Why did the Jews win the 15 Nobel prize in the world? During the small holiday this year, the Nobel prize has become a hot topic of concern, after all, the annual "Nobel season" as scheduled. Two days ago, the Beijing education circle editor pushed the article, why the Japanese can take so many Nobel prize? Eight educational implications behind the thought-provoking in the circle caused no small hot. In fact, look at the history of the Nobel prize, the real prize winner of the jews. According to incomplete statistics, the Nobel prize has been awarded to more than and 800 people, including at least 20% jews. To know that the world’s total of 14 million Jews, accounting for only more than 0.2% of the world’s population. However, the Jewish contribution to human civilization is far more than their proportion of the population, in various fields are masters, bright stars, now the world famous and influential persons nearly half of all jews. To understand the history of the people know that the Jewish nation is a suffering nation, repeated disaster — once was three times of exile, four great slaughter, exile in the world for two thousand years, but eventually flow but not scattered, not only assimilated, said in 85 languages, from 115 countries together 4000 years ago ancestors of the holy land, and successful country. The Jews surviving and development, there are many a disturbance extraction figure, why the Jewish people? Why did the Jews come up with so many Nobel prize winners? What is the secret behind this? As the Guangming Daily in Israel, chief correspondent Chen Keqin said that some people think that the Jews are relatively high IQ, the Jews are indeed the world’s most intelligent nation. Ranked second is Chinese, slightly higher than the United States, Britain, france. But how to put your IQ to the extreme, there is an educational problem, how to be a man. The social and cultural ecology of the Jewish people: an open Jewish jew. Because the Jews in the long-term national disaster, leave the hometown, diaspora in the world. They not only tenaciously maintained their own culture, but also absorbed the essence of the country’s culture. The outstanding scientific creativity of the Jewish people stems from the unique open social and cultural ecology of the nation. Many Jewish families take the initiative to contact with other people, a lot to learn from other ethnic and cultural nourishment, so there is a broader vision and more extensive knowledge of food, they have their own methods of education for their children. The Jewish nation is full of talents, and that their long-term discrimination and persecution, forced into exile in a foreign land, living a destitute life is also a certain relationship. From the year 280 onwards, the Jews were sent to the ghetto life began, this practice in fifteenth Century 14, in Europe, who have to wear a yellow marker to show the difference between them at any time in discrimination, damage and danger. These images can be seen in some of the World War II movies. Two put education and teachers in the first place for Israel相关的主题文章: