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Who is the star producer price paid: financial revenue producers are taking master listed into financial master: who is the star of the price paid Zhang Feifei over the past week, entertainment stars have once again become the focus of public discussion, but not because of another big production release, but a series of them and the whole industry "inhibition". In August 26th, the State Press and publication administration party issued "on patrol rectification briefing", stressed the need to resolutely curb the "super" star paycheck and show off problem. 8 on day 29, the NPC Standing Committee on the "People’s Republic of China Film Industry Promotion Law (Draft)" for instance, to strengthen the supervision and punishment on the box office grossing false concealed behavior, and the provisions of the theater made films show the lowest long. Subsequently, the state also launched a strong publicity, a frequently cited data — in the United States and South Korea, actors fee accounted for only 10% to 30% of the cost of production, but China actor’s paycheck is often more than 50% of the cost of production. This is the second in July this year, after the guide to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a "gem industry information disclosure guidelines No. first listed companies engaged in the business of Radio Film and television", and a clear policy signal. In fact, from the first half of this year, the Commission will strictly control the film culture company’s high valuation and high profits promised to veto or inquiries of a major asset restructuring storm group, Tak television and a number of listed companies buying star shares of the company. LETV acquisition of film music as a case has not yet been approved. A big background is that in recent years, China’s cultural market investment boom continued fermentation, from finance, real estate, electricity providers and other external hot money have flocked. In June this year, the Shanghai Film Festival, there are dozens of new film company, announced the new single number up to 200 or more. In stark contrast, even if there is a domestic film protection priority policy, this summer, the domestic film has ushered in the box office and reputation of the double defeat. Yi Tao think tank data show that in 2016 the summer stalls in the total domestic box office 75 only $4 billion 683 million, compared with the same period last year shrunk by $3 billion 130 million. Some experts said that the domestic film has overcapacity worries. Obviously, the abundant capital and can not solve the domestic film "bad gathered", but led to the high star paycheck is not standardized, IP capital market chaos. China film market is undergoing dramatic changes, the upstream content production, directing actors, you have to live on their own, or set up a company or studio, shares through production company, to achieve capital to be listed; downstream theaters has entered the era of mergers and acquisitions Capital Territory, a few big game player were at war; as the threshold requirements the relatively low link plate issued influx of hot money, for the abuse of guaranteed issuance system led to the defeat of the summer. Under the present circumstances, the high paycheck star nature to become a target for attack, some inflated case also should be standardized. But we should also realize that star high fee is not due to the film market chaos, but fruit. Regardless of the process of capital movement相关的主题文章: