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When prices rise or fall in the hearts of the people exposed to the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! When prices only rise into 2016, a second tier property market crazy let us each big city obvious to people, "the most expensive land" frequent, in September the people of Shanghai also staged a divorce to buy the ". People complaining about the high prices, the property market into the side regardless of personal danger. At the same time, each person’s heart into the market regardless of personal danger with a tangle: buy, or how to do; not buy, can not afford to miss the chance to do? Some time ago, Henan has a small business of uncle aunt, worried about soaring prices once again exceeded their capacity to pay, to carry a sack of his trading down to save money to buy a house sales offices, of course, this is not a sack of money hundred dollar bills, but one yuan and five yuan. Finally, the sales offices dispatched employees to the digital count a sack of money, a total of thirty thousand blocks. China’s property market since the commercialization has not experienced a big adjustment, in the case of no reference history, we are more willing to believe that prices will continue to rise. From this little thing can be seen, the concept of housing prices rose only to the depth of the social risk has been able to resist the weakest group. Today, more and more people began to believe that the property is protected by the government can not fall down a cow, especially the first tier cities prices will be more firm. However, a crazy market will eventually return to the original value, no matter how long the period of regression, and how is the return of the last year, A shares of the stock market crash is a real example, but it return the way some not good-looking, is a hard landing. The bubble will be squeezed out, let the asset return to a reasonable price, the process may be three years, perhaps five years, but is unlikely to be a hard landing in Japan, it might be a Renminbi denominated prices did not fall, but the dollar denominated prices is shrinking. The market some bearish market outlook, from which we can see some risks out of the property market China. First, China buyers repayment burden over the subprime crisis when Americans in 2011 ~2012 years, the mortgage repayment amount Chinese households accounted for the annual burden of household disposable income is below 20%, and in 2015 rose to 28% in 2016, or will be close to 40%. The United States in the subprime mortgage crisis, the repayment burden rate of up to 32%. While Japan’s asset bubble period, the repayment burden rate reached 45%, the asset bubble burst, and then gradually returned to the level of about 20%. Comparison shows that China is as high as 40% repayment burden ratio, beyond the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, has been close to the asset bubble era Japan, visible, Chinese balance degree of depth, the pressure of repayment. Two, the net growth rate of housing prices in the first tier cities, a number of second tier cities to the king, the land cost to a new height, and even hedge the mainland low profit theory相关的主题文章: