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What’s the matter? Ms. Li’s drink milk every day to eat calcium was measured severe calcium deficiency 6 months pregnant, measured the severe calcium deficiency, osteopenia. It makes her very depressed, they drink milk every day to eat calcium, Gesanchawu also burn bone soup, how can a calcium deficiency? The doctor said the problem in her recently closed two step, all the little sun, no sun, no body can not synthesize vitamin D, vitamin D, calcium absorption is very poor, again in vain. "It turns out, calcium is also a technology." Ms. Li has a sudden realization. Calcium supplement is a common topic in life. Young children need calcium, the elderly need calcium, young and middle-aged health can not be separated from calcium. How to scientifically and effectively fill the calcium? What should special people pay attention to? Around the related issues, the reporter interviewed Shi Yanyan, a senior dietitian at the international medical check-up center of the Ming Zhou hospital, Zhejiang University. Calcium supplement, don’t forget to make up vitamin D and do exercise "vitamin D is equivalent to calcium Porter, which moves calcium from food and medicine to the blood of the body." Shi Yanyan said that the first rule of calcium supplementation is to make up for D at the same time. The human body can not synthesize vitamin D itself, and fish liver and eggs contain some vitamin D, which is rare in other foods. People want to add vitamin D, in addition to eating specific health products and formula food, the most economical, convenient and quick way is to sun. The dehydrocholesterol in the skin will transform into vitamin D precursor under ultraviolet irradiation, and then become a bioactive vitamin D through hydroxylation of liver and kidneys. Shi Yanyan said. Beautiful women may worry that frequent exposure to the sun can lead to skin aging. The research shows that it is not difficult to be. First of all, the human body’s short exposure to ultraviolet light can synthesize a large amount of vitamin D, which does not need to be exposed to exposure to the sun. In addition, even in the case of sunscreen, it does not affect the synthetic dimension of D. If the fear of a long spot, you may wish to sooner or later, the sun is not so violent, bask in bask in the arms legs, one and a half hours add up to the sun, you can basically meet the body needs of vitamin D. People who are not exposed to sun because of basic diseases or other causes are best supplemented by drugs or health products to supplement vitamin D. How the calcium in the blood is deposited into the skeleton plays a great role in it. At least two times a week of aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, dancing, and so on, can improve the absorption and utilization of calcium. Calcium supplement, suitable for a small number of calcium problems, people are prone to polarization, some calcium deficiency, and some calcium excess. Calcium deficiency, in addition to vitamin D did not keep up, may be because of the improper selection of preparations. In recent years, the market of various liquid calcium is fire, it is generally thought that better than the traditional calcium absorption liquid calcium. In fact, the absorption of calcium in the intestine and stomach is not a place, calcium can withstand acid more than liquid calcium "baptism", successfully arrived in the gut. Many people because of excessive calcium tonic medicine two pronged approach, but also are of high dose. Shi Yanyan suggested that the highest resistant calcium dose was 2000mg days, should choose a small dose of calcium tablets, two or three times a day to take, especially for the digestion and absorption function of the elderly poor calcium problem a few times, secondary calcium can effectively reduce constipation, kidney stones, bladder stones may arise. The demand for calcium in mothers and infants and menopausal women is larger than that in the general population. The demand for calcium in mothers and infants is greater than that in the general population. Related nutrition survey shows that the actual intake of dietary calcium in Chinese pregnant women is 500mg days to 800mg days, and the recommended value is 1000mg 1000mg in the second trimester. There is still a big gap between them. Calcium deficiency during pregnancy increases the risk of maternal pregnancy induced hypertension and preeclampsia, and affects the bone density of the mother’s body. Shi Yanyan said that the best source of calcium is milk and dairy products, beans and bean products, sesame, shrimp and other dry, women in the very period of pregnancy, in taking calcium supplements at the same time, also want to eat the food. Calcium is one of the minerals that the baby needs and is easy to lack. The calcium content in breast milk is about 350mg L. With the intake of 800ml breast milk a day, infants can get about 300mg of calcium a day. The absorption rate of these calcium is very high. Therefore, infants who are breastfed for the first 6 months after birth usually do not have calcium deficiency. 6 months later, the baby’s demand for calcium increased to 400mg days. Calcium deficiency can affect the development and structure of the bones of the baby, and the clinical manifestation is hand and foot convulsions. Parents should be timely monitoring, if necessary, extra calcium can be added to the baby. Menopause women should also pay special attention to calcium supplement. "After middle age, osteoporosis is easy to occur, and the incidence of women is much higher than that of men." Shi Yanyan said, this is because the estrogen level of female menopause is decreased, and calcium regulation hormone secretion disorder. All of these can lead to calcium deficiency in human body. "Bone calcium loss is the most serious in 10 years after menopause." In addition to the doctor’s advice, this part of the woman is also far away from tobacco and wine and coffee, which will aggravate the loss of bone calcium. The best source of calcium for milk products, soy products, sesame shrimp

咋回事?女子天天喝牛奶吃钙片却被测出严重缺钙怀孕6个月的李女士,被测出严重缺钙,骨量减少。这让她很郁闷,自己天天喝牛奶吃钙片,隔三岔五还烧大骨汤,怎么还会缺钙?医生说,问题出在她近期大门不出二门不迈,一天到晚很少晒太阳,不晒太阳,人体无法合成维D,没有维D,钙的吸收就很差,再补也是枉然。“原来,补钙也是个技术活啊。”李女士这才恍然大悟。补钙是生活中常被提及的一个话题。小孩长身体需要钙,老人要硬朗需要钙,中青年要健康也离不开钙。如何科学有效、恰到好处地补钙?特殊人群该注意什么?围绕相关问题,记者采访了浙江大学明州医院国际医疗体检中心资深营养师史燕燕。补钙,别忘了补维D和做运动“维D相当于钙的搬运工,它把钙从食物、药物中搬到人体血液中。”史燕燕说,补钙第一法则,就是同时要补维D。人体无法自身合成维D,鱼类肝脏和蛋类里含有一些维D,其他食物中就很少见了。人要补充维D,除了吃特定的保健品和配方食品外,最经济、便捷、速效的方法就是晒太阳。“皮肤中的脱氢胆固醇在紫外线的照射下,会转变为维D前体,然后经过肝脏和肾脏的加羟基反应,变成有生物活性的维D。”史燕燕说。爱美的女性或许会担心,经常晒太阳会导致皮肤光老化。研究表明,事情并非难两全。首先,人体短暂接触紫外线就能合成大量维D,并不需要大晒暴晒。此外,即使在涂抹了防晒霜的情况下,也不太影响人体合成维D。如果害怕长斑,大家不妨在早晚时分,太阳不那么猛烈的时候,晒晒胳膊晒晒腿,一天加起来晒个半小时,基本就能满足身体对维D的需求了。因基础疾病或其他原因不能晒太阳的人,最好通过药物或保健品来补充维D。血液中的钙如何沉积到骨骼,运动在其中发挥了很大的作用。一周至少两次有氧运动,如散步、慢跑、跳舞等,能够提高钙的吸收利用率。补钙,宜少量多次在补钙的问题上,人们容易出现两极分化,有的补钙不足,有的则补钙过量。补钙不足,除了维D没跟上,还有可能是因为制剂选择不当。近年来,市面上各种液体钙很火,人们也普遍以为液体钙比传统钙片更好吸收。事实上,钙的吸收场所在肠道而不是胃,钙片比液体钙更能经受胃酸的“洗礼”,成功抵达肠道。补钙过量,多是因为人们食补药补双管齐下,而且还都是大剂量。史燕燕建议,人体钙的最高可耐受量为2000mg 天,补钙应该选择小剂量的钙片,一天两三次服用,尤其是对于消化吸收功能不好的老年人,少量多次补钙可以有效减少便秘、肾结石、膀胱结石等可能出现的补钙继发问题。母婴和绝经期女性对钙需求量比一般人更大母婴对钙的需求量比一般人更大,这部分特殊人群在补钙上也有更多讲究。相关营养调查显示,我国孕期女性膳食钙的实际摄入量为500mg 天至800mg 天,而推荐值为孕中期1000mg 天,孕晚期1200mg 天,两者之间还是有较大的差距。孕期缺钙,会增加母体妊高症和先兆子痫的风险,还会影响母体的骨密度。史燕燕表示,钙的最好来源是奶及奶制品,豆及豆制品,以及芝麻、小虾干等,女性在孕产的非常时期,在服用钙片的同时,也要多吃上述食物。钙是婴儿必需又容易缺乏的矿物质之一。母乳中钙含量约为350mg L,以一天摄入800ml母乳计,婴儿一天可获得约300mg的钙,这些钙的吸收率很高,因此,出生后前6个月母乳喂养的婴儿一般不会缺钙。6个月以后,婴儿对钙的需求量增加到400mg 天。缺钙会影响婴儿的骨骼发育和结构,临床表现为手足抽搐等。家长要及时监测,必要时可给宝宝额外补钙。绝经期女性也要特别注意补钙。“中年以后,容易发生骨质疏松,其中女性发病率远高于男性。”史燕燕说,这是因为,女性绝经的,雌激素水平下降,钙调节激素分泌紊乱,这些都会导致人体缺钙,“绝经后10年骨钙流失的情况最严重。”除了遵医嘱补钙外,这部分女性还要远离烟酒和咖啡,这些都会加重骨钙的流失。钙的最好来源奶制品豆制品芝麻小虾干相关的主题文章: