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What wrong behavior will destroy the baby’s immunity? In this paper, author Wang Ronghui – Sohu maternal and infant development international experts, pregnant women and infants sleep consultant focusing on "sensory development" and "development" my wish is: let the baby eat Chinese, play well, sleep well! Unconsciously, the original more than and 500 high-quality parenting science articles, concern me, free reading. Many parents to consult teachers Wang Ronghui: why home every day a little cough runny nose disinfection, we will quickly take the baby to the hospital, where many people never go, and the baby is getting sick of love? In fact, the most important reason is that the baby is sick, lack of immunity, why our baby immunity will be insufficient? The culprit is the parents of the baby’s seemingly normal love and care". Here we look at what is improper care to destroy the baby’s immunity. This article in May 31, 2015, the number of "baby development Wang Ronghui" on the first. 1, your baby supplies over disinfection? I often receive such advice: Wang Ronghui teacher, which brand of disinfection pot good? Which brand of disinfection water? The baby’s clothes to take the dry washing disinfection can it? In fact, for the health of the baby, we don’t need to use disinfection supplies, cleaning and drying in general can be. No need to use disinfectant in the family, because the normal bacteria group in the environment to reduce the body’s immune system, accept the normal stimulus will reduce the chance that this will hinder the normal development of the immune system, likely to cause allergies and other autoimmune disease. In addition, too seriously disinfected baby bottles and utensils, too seriously in the breast before breast scrub…… It will reduce the chance for infants to contact with normal bacteria, delay, hinder or destroy the establishment of normal intestinal flora, which is not conducive to the development of the immune system. The gut is the body’s largest immune organ, from the "clean" environment continue to "eat" into a small amount of bacteria, can promote immune maturation, is a need for injections, also do not need to get sick, you can get good immunity. 2, you do not take the baby to the public places? Wang Ronghui has received a 3 month baby, to do the assessment for the baby, the baby of the family stop my baby’s skin contact (in fact, we are in contact with before the baby will wash their hands or use free alcohol disinfection). The growth of Niono parenting evaluation system including evaluation of tactile development, and muscle tension evaluation, without hand touch, how to evaluate? The reason that I carefully ask parents to know: in addition to the hospital for child care, this is the baby out for the first time, the family to enter the baby room, the body must be disinfected; family from the outside back, can not be in direct contact with the baby, the baby into the room, it must change clothes. I want to say: the baby’s health is very important, yes, but the family is too anxious, right? Although the infant’s immune system is limited, they need a clean, clean environment, but not sterile environment. These long live too.相关的主题文章: